Past Continuous Tense, Welcome friends, in another information and knowledgeable article, Last post we were seen present continuous tense today we will read Past Continuous Tense, I will try to explain you in an easy way if you want to have complete knowledge of Past Continuous Tense then definitely read this article till the end, then let’s start. do it without wasting time




I, he, she, it, singular + was + Ing to verb

You, we, they, plural, + were + Ing to verb


1. I was reminding him about this matter. (मैं उसे इस बात की याद दिला रहा था?)

2. he was confiding me his secrets. (confiding) (वह मुझे अपने रहस्य बता रहा था?)

3. Asif was feeling thirsty. (आसिफ को प्यास लग रही थी?)

4. she was flowing her nose. (वह अपनी नाक बहा  रही थी?)

5. the wind was flowing hard. (हवा जोर से बह रही थी?)

6. poor were dying of starvation (die) (भूखे मर रहे थे गरीब?)

7. they were peeling an orange. (वे नारंगी छील रहे थे)

8. she was paring her nail (pare) (वह अपने नाखून काट रही थी)

9. he was hurting the feeling of his parents. (वह अपने माता-पिता की भावना को आहत कर रहा था?)

10. she was talking ill others. (वह अन्य बीमार बात कर रही थी??)

11. I was standing firmly against evil. (मैं बुराई के खिलाफ मजबूती से खड़ा था?)

12. The moon was shimmering in the lake. (मैं बुराई के खिलाफ मजबूती से खड़ा था?)  


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Was + I, he, she, it, singular + Ing to verb

Were + you, we, they, plural + were not + Ing to verb


1. who was betting with you. (bet) (आपके साथ कौन सट्टा लगा रहा था?)

2. why were you backbiting him. (तुम उसकी पीठ थपथपा क्यों रहे थे?)

3. who was creating problems. (कौन समस्या पैदा कर रहा था?)

4. when were they provoking then for the insurgency. (तब वे कब उग्रवाद के लिए उकसा रहे थे?)

5. where was he bothering you. (वह तुम्हें कहाँ परेशान कर रहा था?)

6. who was lifting the ax to strike the tree. (पेड़ पर मारने के लिए कुल्हाड़ी कौन उठा रहा था?)

7. who was researching the address. (पते पर शोध कौन कर रहा था?)

8. why were you insisting to go for a movie. (आप फिल्म देखने की जिद्द क्यों कर रहे थे?)

9. how were the farmers irrigating the land. (किसान जमीन की सिंचाई कैसे कर रहे थे?)

10. who was usurping the property of orphans? (अनाथों की संपत्ति कौन हड़प रहा था?)

11. why was ram praising you? (राम तुम्हारी स्तुति क्यों कर रहा था?)

12. who was oppressing her. (उसे कौन तंग कर रहा था?)



I, he, she, it, singular + was not + Ing to verb

You, we, they, plural + were not + Ing to verb


1. I was not planning to harm you. (मैं आपको नुकसान पहुंचाने की योजना नहीं बना रहा था?)

2. he was not scaring me. (scare) (वह मुझे डरा नहीं रहा था?)

3. he was not maligning anyone. (वह किसी को बदनाम नहीं कर रहे थे?)

4. he was not accompanying me. (वह मेरे साथ नहीं था?)

5. They were not educate their children. (क्या वे अपने बच्चों को शिक्षा नहीं दे रहे थे?)

6. they were not having to take a bath with hot water. (वे गर्म पानी से स्नान नहीं कर रहे थे?)

7. we were not making mischief. (हम शरारत नहीं कर रहे थे?)

8. she is not chiding you. (chide) (वह तुम्हें डांट नहीं रही है?)

9. he was not doing hard work. (वह कड़ी मेहनत नहीं कर रहा था?)

10. she was not watering the planet. (वह ग्रह को पानी नहीं दे रही थी?)

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