6 Best Places to visit in goa

6 Best Places to visit in goa, The best places to visit in Goa include lots of spots that help lure travelers from all over the world. Since, the place is an effective mixture of two cultures, India as well as Portuguese, a variety of people can be seen visiting here with different cultures, religions, places, etc.

The common thing that can be seen in the people visiting here is their attraction towards the never-ending beauty of Goa’s most astonishing traveling spots. 

From the historical monuments to heavenly beaches, the temples, the forts, the resorts, the markets where people spend most of their time after roaming in the city, etc. are so adorable places that we cannot miss. The best places to visit in summer in Goa are listed below. 

1. Dona Paula

6 Best Places to visit in goa Dona Paula
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Dona Paula

The most loving place of Goa, Dona Paula is just at a distance of 7 Km from Panaji, the capital of Goa. The place has gained popularity because of its vast stretch of beach. The beach is famous for two main reasons. 6 Best Places to visit in goa

Among the two, the first is Lover’s Paradise and the second is Dona Paula Jetty featuring the beautiful view of the Arabian Sea and Mormugao harbor. Also, the two melodious rivers named Zouari and Mandovi meet the Arabian sea.

Among all these beautiful sights, the prime attraction of the tourists visiting here is the wondrous water activities and the seafood being offered over here.

2. Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus
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Basilica of Bom Jesus

The beautiful place is situated in the old Goa at Banguinim which is 10 km away from the capital city of Goa that is Panaji. 6 Best Places to visit in goa

This historic church was widely consecrated in the year 1605 by all and the same holds the remains of St. Francis Xavier which is 400 years old and is taken out publicly every decade.

This wonderful place has been declared as the world heritage site by UNESCO. The Italian painting made between the time periods of the year 1973 to 1976, among which the most popular named, “The Last Judgement” and “Genesis” along with other paintings represent the beautiful modern art gallery. 6 Best Places to visit in goa

3. Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach
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Palolem Beach

The place is in the Canacona part of southern Goa, Palolem beach is amongst the most beautiful beaches in Goa and the perfect picturesque destination every avid adventurer is looking for.

The nature of tides is a little more vulnerable over the northern side of the beach than the southern.

Hence if you want a calm and soothing environment and peace over the beach you should visit the southern part for sure. Paddling, Paragliding, water scooter, Havana Cuba, Sundowner, etc. are some of the few activities you must give a try at least once.  6 Best Places to visit in goa

4. Shri Mangeshi Temple

Shri Mangeshi Temple
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Shri Mangeshi Temple

The beautiful temple located at the Priol district of Ponda Taluka, 22 km away from Panaji is dedicated to the lord Manhueshi, the other form of Lord Shiva.

The 400 years old history of Lord Shiva and the continued belief of the devotees and the visitors visiting there has made this temple gain popularity. 6 Best Places to visit in goa

Seven storied lamps of the temple complex are also worth watching and provide the picture spot to capture and mesmerize the same at a later date. Outside the main temple of Mangesh, there exists another temple of Lord Bhairav, the violent form of Lord Shiva. 

5. Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach
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Majorda Beach

Majorda beach is amongst the prettiest beaches of Goa. The beautiful beach resides in South Goa. It lies between Utorda Beach and Betalbatim Beach.

Connected to the wondrous coastline many other small beach shacks are located close to each other. Since the climate always remains in favor of the tourist visiting here, they have plenty of activities to do over here.

Most of the seafood is managed by the Russian community so if you are in search of some delicious Russian seafood, you should visit the spot for sure. Banana boat rides, water skiing, dolphin spotting, speed boat ride, etc. are the activities you can explore once visiting there.

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6. Cansaulim Monte

Cansaulim Monte
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Cansaulim Monte

The beautiful small village situated in the Mormugao of the South part of Goa around 7 km from the main town of Mormugao and 2.5 km away from the main city of Mormugao, is famous for the sunset pictures they offer.

Best known for its Chapel of Three Kings who Nestled there. You can witness the wonderful views of the coastlines and the white churches located all around.

The festival named Feast of Epiphany celebrated on the 6th of January is the widest and the most popular event that is worth watching.  6 Best Places to visit in goa

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