7 Best ways to get more business ideas

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7 ways to get more business ideas We all have enough to worry about in our everyday lives; from grocery lists to workplace drama, it’s easy just to focus on your problems and look for ways out. However, sometimes you can’t get the business ideas that have you popping off those fingers of yours.

In this article, we cover seven simple steps you can use (when dealing with both big and small businesses) that will help you obtain tons of great business leads right off the bat! We’ve all been in this position: You crank out article after article, cranking out content for your site – articles that receive a decent amount of traffic at first and then slowly ebb away.

7 ways to get more business ideas
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To help you get more business ideas, here are seven ways to increase your time and become a better marketer. There is no better time to be in the market for new business ideas than now. You live in the digital era with everything available at your fingertips. No longer do you need to look anywhere but right where you’re standing to find what you’re looking for. It is all about time! This is the most vital part of your whole marketing strategy.

For example, if you have a client meeting on Saturday at 3 pm and it also happens to be a busy season, will you be able to make that meeting? Here are 7 ways to get more minutes:

Left brain/Right brain

Some say that creativity is a solitary activity. Some say they just have moments of it. Others say they need quiet, complete surroundings or particular times of the day in order to channel their creative ideas. How do we need to interact with our left and right brains to foster creativity? Right brain thinking is a creative, higher-level thought process that brings out ideals and new perceptions when it’s burnt part of daily thinking.

Left brain thinking is the more standardized, orderly, and linear approach to get down on paper specific facts or figures: in financial planning, math, science. Left brain thinking can help provide clarity but often at the cost of creativity and ingenuity. For example, a right-brain thinker may overcome his/her over-thinking by actually acting as opposed to figuring out solutions while left-brain thinkers might somehow grow overwhelmed by the appearance of things until they finally “get” something that takes place in their subconscious minds.

Skillful Networking

Skillful networking is the key to generating business ideas. It is important to actively listen and understand the processes involved in any given industry so that your pitch can effectively earn the attention of experts in that business. You can also ask other professionals for feedback on various topics and consider your network as a helpful source of ideas.

Skillful networking can prevent future business disasters, but there is only so much time in the day. So, instead of waiting for your networking to naturally happen through friends and family, use these seven tactics to get from point A to point B:

1. Meetups: Try signing up for a meetup group where you’re interested in finding new business opportunities.

2. Join online communities: Head over to social media platforms like Quora or Facebook Groups and find the “entrepreneurship” or “business ideas” groups that are available near you.

3. Network at conferences: Attending large conferences can speed up your networking processes, whether it’s someone who works at a major company you’re interested in working with, or simply


The best way to get creative ideas and comes up with better business plans is to have lots of downtime and daydream. If you’re looking for a balance between sleeping and not working, put your computer or phone asleep schedule earliest in the evening and turn off your monitor. In doing so, you give yourself a break from their bright light while freeing up some time in the morning and evening hours to get excited about potential new opportunities.

Creating that balance between work and daydreaming can help empower the creativity within each person, which allows them to come up with world-changing ideas Daydreaming is important for getting more business ideas. In a study, over 10,000 people were asked to think about their most recent encounter with life.

People that daydreamed for 4-8 minutes prior to their alerting task experienced around 30% more creative thoughts than those who did not daydream. The process of daydreaming actually boosted chemistries in the brain as well as promotes and allows neural network connectivity which helps boost productivity and creativity.

Clear Goals and Mission Statements

Sometimes when deadlines start to loom, it helps to think back over the positives we’ve had in the past. If you can keep a list of your best strategies and successes, this will become your go-to resource. It’s easier to stay motivated and inspired to create business ideas when you have positive markers in your memory bank. When starting another campaign or project, try incorporating what worked so well before into your new idea.

One tip to get you started brainstorming your business idea is by creating goals and mission statements that are written in very clear language. A goal or a mission statement is simply an ultimatum. By stating the reason why you want to start a business in the first place, it helps you stay focused on that cause and talk about it without scaring other people away. Keep your goals and mission statements short so they don’t overburden your thoughts.

Beginner’s Mind

Have you ever wondered how to get more business ideas? There is a simple exercise that I urge everyone to try which can generate thousands of ideas, including new market opportunities and competitive threats. It’s the beginner’s mind. What is it? Mindfulness is just awareness and acceptance while doing something like eating, running, working, or thinking.

A beginner’s mind is a state of mind that starts with the willingness to not be preoccupied with preconceived notions of success, achievement, or perfectionism. The beginner’s mind has the willingness to learn and grow from mistakes, taking in new information and having fun in the process.


There are lots of businesses around us, but it can often take a lot of effort to see what might be working for them. By observing everyday life and picking up little insights on different ways we see busy people using their time, it is possible to glean some great business ideas that could profit you as well. Bloggers who pay close attention to the people around them experience more ideas and opportunities than they normally would. By taking note of what’s going on and where your target audience spends most of its time, you can generate up to 50% more ideas.

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