5 Habits to Avoid in Your Academic Writing

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There is a difference between simple writing and writing an academic paper. Academic writing needs more professionalism and realistic content. It is not similar to other forms of writing. Academic writing is one of the essential parts of a student’s life.

Academic writing requires knowledge, good writing skills, patience, and good vocabulary and grammar. You should know the proper structure of the sentence and its usage to write a paragraph effectively.

As an editing and assignment writing service provider, we have encountered many students facing problems and making dramatic mistakes in their academic assignments. Most of the students unknowingly make mistakes and do things wrong. They face issues in pinpointing their mistakes and errors and thus, face problems in proofreading. These common mistakes made by the students make their assignments less appealing, and they get low grades. 

Academic Writing
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To avoid these situations, many students search for the best assignment writing services to get help in their academic writing. These services provide:

  • Online dissertation Help.
  • Plagiarism-free content.
  • Editing and proofreading.
  • Complete guidelines and tips for your academic writing assignments. 

Students tend to get online writing services because they cannot pinpoint the mistakes by themselves and always do them repeatedly. As a student or a researcher, you should know what those mistakes are and what actions you should avoid while writing an academic paper. We have brought forward this article to let our readers know what habits they should avoid while doing academic writing. 

  1. Use of lengthy sentences

Most of the students use complex and lengthy sentences in their academic writing. Academic writing requires clear and robust structured sentences, but it certainly does not mean you should use long sentences. Students and researchers use acronyms and excessive conjunctions to make the sentence more attractive. But instead of making it beautiful and understandable, it makes the sentence complicated and hard to understand. 

The one without in-depth knowledge might have difficulty understanding what you are trying to say. It is also seen that writers often come off the track of their main point and topic. Usage of the long and complicated sentences can make the focus lose. If you want flawless writing, you should keep the following terms and conditions in your mind regarding sentence structure and word count:

  • The ideal word count is 15-20 words in a sentence. Try not to exceed this range.
  • Try to write short and complex sentences, even though the size of the sentences may vary from different topics. 
  • Try to use the most straightforward words possible to make it easy for people to read your paper.
  • Using Wikipedia 

We can’t deny that the most used website to gather information is Wikipedia, but while you use it, keep in mind that it is not always authentic. Anyone from anywhere can edit these sites; this is just how Wikipedia works. When you search on google for any information, the Wikipedia link is always given at the top, but the fact is that; the data can’t be considered solid and authentic. This is one of the most common habits which students have.

They do not go in-depth and take information from Wikipedia. This has a destructive impact on your academic writing, and thus you end up having bad grades. Instead of relying on Wikipedia, you should use journals, articles, and research from the original book. 

  • Plagiarism

Plagiarism is also one of the most significant issues a student faces. Plagiarism refers to the stealing of someone else’s work. The violation of academic guidelines and legal actions can be taken against you. If plagiarism is caught in your academic paper, it not only has a destructive impact on your academic grades and career but your report may also get rejected. Plagiarism harms the uniqueness and creativity of your academic paper. Do not think millions of websites or books are written on a specific topic, so you will not be caught if you copy the data. Instead, the teachers and professors have fast and sharp tools to capture plagiarized content. Try to avoid this issue as much as possible. 

To avoid this, students should create their content and be unique. But then again, not everyone is naturally a writer and has good writing skills; therefore, to avoid getting in this mess, students opt to choose Best Assignment Writing Services

  • Being too narrow or being too void

While trying to explain your topic or problem as much as possible, it certainly does not mean going to an extreme length. Some students get too much distance to the point that readers get bored. Try to be on end and not get off the track of your central theme or topic. 

While some students tend to get too narrow with their academic papers, they do not go for details and end up being too abrupt and blunt with their discussion. These students often face the problem with the demanded word count and length and also not being able to deliver their research well. 

Try to avoid being in the upper categories. Be descriptive but stay rooted and do not get into too much detail. 

  • Not consulting an expert for editing and proofreading

Most of the students take this step as an unnecessary one and often end up with unedited assignments. Students unintentionally leave loopholes and gaps in their academic writing and face the consequences. Consulting an expert regarding your homework is a must. Before you start and after you finish your academic paper, it is best to consult an expert. They can help you with proofreading and editing, letting you know about your mistakes and giving tips to improve your assignment. 

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