Top Air Purifiers to Buy this year to save yourself from Pollution 2021-22

Air Purifiers According to the World Economic Forum report, India is home to six of the world’s ten most polluted cities.

Air pollution is associated with various health problems, including allergies, difficulty breathing, burning eyes, headaches, and throat irritation. In the long run, it can result in asthma, heart attacks, and even lung cancer.

Air Purifiers
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Air Purifiers

Thus, protecting yourself from air pollution is critical, and a cost-effective and straightforward solution is to install an air purifier in your home.

Air purifiers utilize filters to remove dust, pollen, foul odors, bacteria, viruses, smoke, and harmful chemicals from the air. Typically, winters see a dramatic increase in air pollution due to crackers, smog, and crop burning.

There are dozens of manufacturers of air purifiers, and if you’re unsure which model to choose, we’re here to help. We’ve selected some of the best air purifiers available in India, considering their design, features, specifications, and price.

We’ve chosen only well-known brand air purifiers that include the following features:

  1. Hepa filter, which effectively removes the majority of pollutants from the air.
  2. A coverage area of at least 250 square feet.
  3. Cadr (clean air delivery rate) over 200m3/hour
  4. Indicator of the air quality index
  5. Adjustment of the fan speed
  6. Sleep mode
  7. Indicator for filter replacement
  8. Acceptable warranty terms

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Air Purifier 

Aeroguard Air Purifier features a HEPA filter, a CADR of 215m3/hour, and a maximum coverage area of 602 square feet. It includes

  • A multi-colored air quality indicator.
  • Three wind speed settings.
  • An auto mode.
  • A timer function.
  • A child lock feature.

The Eureka Forbes Aeroguard air purifier notifies you when it is time to replace the filter. According to Eureka Forbes, its air purifier is equipped with an H1N1 swine flu-resistant filter and an ultra-quiet sleep mode.

It generates 57db of noise at maximum settings and is backed by a one-year warranty on the design and materials and a five-year warranty on the motor.

Philips Air Purifier – AC2887

The Philips air purifier is equipped with a HEPA filter, has a coverage area of 269-409 square feet, and has a CADR of 333m3/hour.

It has a distinctive appearance due to the ring-shaped LED light, and its controls are located on the top, alongside the numeric PM 2.5 indicator display.

It features speed adjustment, an automatic shut-off timer, and an allergen-specific ‘Allergen Mode.’ When in sleep mode, it emits only 20.5dBA of noise and dims the display. Additionally, the air purifier notifies you when it is time to replace the filter.

LG PuriCare Wi-Fi Air Purifier – AS60GDWT0

LG’s PuriCare is the industry’s leading best air purifier. It is a highly effective air cleaner equipped with HEPA filtration and a six-stage filtration process.

The PuriCare features a patented 360-degree Purification System that collects dirt from all directions. It features an Axial-Centrifugal Fan and Guide Vane with Chevron Nozzle, which provides 20% more filtration than conventional air purifiers.

The device is equipped with a high-tech Clean Booster that projects fresh air up to 7.5 meters in the air.

The smart circulator rotates at a 70-degree angle to distribute clean air evenly throughout the room. This ensures that, both vertically and horizontally, fresh, clean air reaches every nook and cranny of the house.

LG PuriCare Air Purifier with Wi-Fi – AS40GWWK0

LG’s PuriCare is the company’s next high-efficiency air cleaner. The latest LG air purifier is app-enabled and equipped with an array of smart sensors and built-in Wi-Fi. It covers approx a 35-square-meter cleaning area and is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms and offices.

HEPA air purifier features a six-stage filtration process. It begins by removing large pollutants such as pet dander and dust. It then eliminates ultra-fine dust particles in the second step.

It then addresses allergens such as pollen and dust mites in the third step. Then it entails the elimination of biological odors and ammonia.

In the next step, it eliminates new house syndrome gases, which are primarily composed of VOCs. Finally, it combats smog by trapping toxic gases such as SO2 and NO2.

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