Are You Diabetic | These are Foods to Avoid in 2022

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Are You Diabetic? Diabetes is a disease characterized by high levels of sugar in the blood. This disease can occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, people with diabetes are strongly advised to choose foods selectively by limiting foods with high sugar content.

A healthy and balanced diet can help reduce the risk and complications of health problems. Here is food that should be avoided by diabetics:

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1. Bread, rice, and pasta

Even gluten-free pasta doesn’t guarantee it’s free of sugar. Non-wheat bread, rice, and pasta are high-carb foods. This type of food has been shown to increase blood sugar levels. This is not good for people with diabetes. High-carbohydrate foods not only increase blood sugar but can reduce brain function. People with diabetes are advised not to eat bread, rice, and pasta.

2. Sweet Cereal

Eating cereal at breakfast can hurt people with diabetes. To overcome hunger but maintain blood sugar levels in the body, people with diabetes should eat foods that are low in carbohydrates and rich in protein.

3. Yogurt with fruit flavor

Yogurt has many kinds, but yogurt with fruit flavors is not a good choice for people with diabetes. Flavored yogurt is usually made from low-fat milk and fiber, mixed with carbohydrates and sugar. This can increase blood sugar and insulin in the body.

4. French Fries

French fries are relatively high in carbohydrates. Foods fried in vegetable oil have been shown to produce high amounts of these nasty compounds. Consumption of french fries and other fried foods also has a risk of heart disease and cancer. This makes French fries a type of breakfast that people with diabetes need to avoid.

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5. Coffee with the addition of other ingredients

The taste of coffee is bitter, but ingredients to enhance the taste, such as caramel, syrup, creamer, milk, or whipped cream, have high sugar content. Likewise, with packaged coffee mixed with sugar and creamer. The addition of sugar in this coffee makes the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients rise faster.

That’s why sweetened coffee is a taboo that diabetic patients should avoid. People with diabetes need to be more careful when choosing and consuming prohibited foods for diabetics. You can consult a doctor if you need advice on menus or food portions for people with diabetes.

Food taboos for diabetics are not just sweet

The assumption that sweet foods are the only taboo for diabetics is not entirely true. Regardless of the type of diabetes, people with diabetes are generally still able to consume sugary or sugary foods and drinks. It’s just that, choose the right type of food and measure the portion so as not to overdo it. It is recommended to eat homemade food. That way, you can monitor what raw materials and additives will be used.

In addition to being careful in choosing the food you eat, you are also advised to regularly check your blood sugar levels at least every three months and adopt a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy diet, exercise, and proper medication, blood sugar levels can be more easily controlled to lower the risk of developing diabetes complications.

Remember that the principle of abstinence for diabetes is about the type of food and how to process and serve it.

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