Pro Tips for Selecting the right artwork for your home. 2021-22

A common and frequently- asked question artists receive is “How do I choose the right artwork?”.

There are some guidelines to help you choose the appropriate piece for your particular space. Artwork defines the character of the homeowner and the space they live in.

It’s an effective way of tying specific pieces together and creating a character in the home. The greatest aspect of art is that it’s an investment that you can carry around with you as you move and even appreciate the time.

Additionally, it’s not required to obtain an additional loan; you can invest as the amount or as little as you’d like.

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For the kitchen

The most frequently overlooked room in terms of art can be the kitchen. The kitchen is frequently called”the “heart of the home” and, in many instances, the most frequently used room in the home.

There’s no doubt that art must be integrated into this area. Countertops and spaces above cabinets are great places for artwork.

To keep the beauty in the small finer details, choose smaller pieces that complement rather than overpower the space. We usually go for humorous or social prints that can make us smile and help us get through the day! 

For the Bedroom

Bedrooms are a sanctuary and a sanctuary for relaxation and art should reflect the same. The most ideal walls for artwork for bedrooms are to the bed or the wall directly opposite to the bed.

Larger scale art pieces are ideal and should be placed at eye level. Find abstract pieces that have gentle shades or colors.

If you’re interested in photography, landscapes, or desaturated photographs are the best. Make sure the frames are minimal. Frames for galleries or canvas are also great options.

We want to concentrate on the artwork itself, not the vessel. You will get Paintings for Living Room.

For the Office

If you work from the comfort of your home or work from the office, art can be a fantastic option to decorate your office and inspire you. One of our favorite ways to do this is to create an alternating gallery.

For starters, you’ll need a large floating shelf placed in the vicinity of your workspace or close to it. The great thing about these shelves is it’s all you need to hang! The next step is fun choosing an array of art that will inspire you.

Imagine a mood board of things, positive images, or artworks by artists that can inspire you are great places to begin. You should incorporate various sizes too, large and small.

The possibilities are infinite. You can put them in the same frames to create a minimalist style or all frames to create a unique look. They can be rotated and updated when you’re bored. No nails are needed.

To be used in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are another area that is often neglected by artwork. The art you select should be in keeping with the style that the room has. For instance, if the bathroom is a powder room located on the main floor it’s best to stick with bright and fun pieces.

If you’re in the master bath choose more tranquil or soothing pieces. Bathroom artworks well in pairs. We like to select two pieces either placed side-by-side or stacked.

It can be the same abstract pieces that have one flipped to the side or two distinct pieces that are based on a similar theme.

Ideal locations for these works could be on top of the toilet, in the tub (if you’re fortunate enough to get one), or on top of the hooks for the towel or robe.

for the Living Room

The most enjoyable room that you can decorate using art and often the most difficult can be the living area. The majority of us are under a lot of stress in this area since it is the space that the majority of our guests will view as well as spend their time in.

The choice of the right piece is essential to spark conversations and set the mood or atmosphere of the space. It is possible to choose a single big-scale piece or an entire gallery wall. Sometimes, you have to think outside of the box.

Art doesn’t need to be an object of canvas or print Sometimes, art can take various forms. It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge reproduction of an American flag, or Stag Horns, go beyond a 2-dimensional image and you’ll discover a distinctive artwork that best represents you.

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