CBSE schools | Why Choose CBSE Curriculum in Best CBSE Schools 2022

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CBSE schools The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the most prestigious educational board in India, which offers a well-researched curriculum incorporating international trends. It is universally acceptable and followed by many countries like Singapore, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East.

If you are looking for the Best CBSE Schools in Pune city, then do check the below reasons to get a proper understanding of CBSE schools.

Why is CBSE the best curriculum in India?

CBSE schools
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Cumulative approach

It follows a cumulative approach which simply means there is a continuity and link to previous topics of study which makes remembering concepts easy. Students are able to relate to what they had studied previously and are able to construct new ideas.

Focus on Core

Best CBSE Schools focus on core subjects like mathematics and science which makes it easier for the students to concentrate and prepare for competitive exams. As the pattern for most of the competitive entrance examinations like IIT-JEE, NDA, CDS, PMT, Dental Courses, and other Defense and Civil Services follow CBSE.

Balanced Curriculum

CBSE Schools in Pune city strive to achieve a balanced curriculum by conceptualizing policies and planning to ensure academic excellence and extracurricular activities.


It is student-friendly as extracurricular activities relieve students from the stress of a rigorous curriculum.

Holistic development

The curriculum is child-centered and focuses on the holistic development of children. It does not compromise on quality. Best CBSE Schools follows innovative approaches to achieve academic excellence in compliance with psychological and pedagogical principles. CBSE put greater emphasis on essential learning and critical thinking.

Experiential Learning

CBSE Schools in Pune city follow experiential learning where students learn by doing which makes learning more joyful. It also enables students to connect the content with their own lives and relate to it.

New Age Subjects

Artificial Intelligence, Early Childhood Care Education, and Yoga are some of the new age subjects being offered in order to prepare children for the future.

Life skills

Best CBSE Schools has introduced Life Skills to help young learners in decision making, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, effective communication, managing challenges, learning coping mechanisms to live life in a healthy and productive manner.

Easy Relocation

In India, CBSE has more than 24000 affiliated schools s\approximately 240 schools in 26 countries across the world which makes parents switch to cities or countries easily and enroll their child in any CBSE schools.

Private exams

CBSE allows both regular and private students to sit for an exam. Whereas other boards do not allow private students to sit for exams.

English and Hindi languages

CBSE focuses equally on both English and Hindi languages.


CBSE Schools in Pune city is relatively cost-effective and it does not compromise on the quality of education as it meets international standards which help students to adapt to any top colleges and universities for higher education.

Tips to select Best CBSE Schools

Check for School Credentials

Finding a reputed affiliated school for your child is the first and important step in finding the right school. Check if the schools have a proper affiliation with the relevant boards.

You can check your selected school affiliation here

Know Your Teachers

Teachers of Schools in Pune city are the backbone of the schools and students’ performance is solely dependent on them. So while finding the best schools for your child, inquire about the qualification of the teachers, their teaching style, certifications, and how they are evaluated?

Student-Teacher Ratio

This is very important as a lower student-teacher ratio will help teachers to give better attention to each child. Ideally, it should be 8:1 to 10:1 (Playschool); 25:1 to 30:1 (Primary) and 30:1 to 35:1 (Secondary).

Academic Performance

Check the academic performance of the school in order to get an idea about the school, teachers’ ability, and the future of students.


Decisions pertaining to finding the best school for the child are most important in a parent’s life. They are often confronted with dilemmas such as the best curriculum and choosing the best school.

CBSE having a six-decade-old presence is the most prominent board for education in India. The Schools in Pune city have a positive effect and play a big role in building a strong personality.

Therefore it is necessary that parents should definitely invest their time and research well to find the Best CBSE Schools in order to secure a child’s future.

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