Best Tips To Customize Taskbar Windows 10 For Productivity

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Taskbar Windows 10 Using the taskbar you can access almost all your computer settings and know what is going on on your device. A few customizations can make the taskbar even more useful and increase your productivity.

Therefore, in this article, you will get to know how to customize Taskbar Windows 10. Without any delay, let’s talk about methods to do it.

Note: Before moving to the customization methods, if you are facing issues like the taskbar not working on Windows 10, you can fix them by updating the outdated drivers.

Ways to Customize Taskbar Windows 10 for Productivity

Here are some of the best methods to personalize the taskbar:

Pin Webpages to Taskbar

If you are looking for the best things to put in the Taskbar Windows 10,  Pinning webpages to the taskbar is one of the perfect picks. It allows you to pin down your favourite websites and apps in one go. You can follow these steps to pin the web pages to the taskbar with ease.

              Step 1: Open the webpage on the browser.

              Step 2: Click on the three-dot icon on the right corner of the window.

              Step 3: Choose More Tools and then tap on Create Shortcut.

              Step 4: Now the shortcut is available on your desktop.

              Step 5: Drag and drop the shortcut icon to pin it to the taskbar.

Taskbar Windows 10
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Eliminate Task View Button from Taskbar

If you want to move from one application to another, then you can use the Task View option. However, if the task view is not in your use, then you can follow the steps to remove it.

Step 1: Right-click on the taskbar.

Step 2: Now detect Show Task View Button.

Step 3: Remove the mark from Show Task View Button to make it invisible from the taskbar.

Eliminate Task View Button from Taskbar
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Delete Search Icon

You won’t be able to detect the search bar on Taskbar Windows 10 as it is now replaced with a search icon. To eliminate the search icon from the taskbar and get the search icon back, you can follow the following steps:

Step 1: Make a right-click on the Taskbar.

Step 2: Click on the Search button.

Step 3: Now choose Hidden.

Delete Search Icon
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Turn off Transparency

The Taskbar and Windows Start Screen are transparent. In case you want to store solid bold colour, you can follow the following steps to turn off the  transparency:

     Step 1: Move to the Settings option.

     Step 2: Now click on Personalization.

     Step 3: Then, select Colours.

     Step 4: Disable Transparency effects.

     Step 5: Enable the colour option to match the theme.

     Step 6: Now you can view the taskbar.

Decrease Taskbar’s size and increase its space

To increase the Taskbar’s space and reduce its size, you can go through the steps listed below:

      Step 1: Right-click on the Taskbar.

      Step 2: Select Taskbar Settings.

      Step 3: Disable Use Small Taskbar Button to get more icons and pinned apps.

Personalize Notifications and Actions

If you wish to turn off or customize the notifications appearing on the taskbar, you can follow the directions mentioned below:

       Step 1: Press the Win + I keys together to open Settings.

       Step 2: Click on System.

       Step 3: Choose Notifications and Actions.

       Step 4: Now you can choose which icons should appear on the taskbar.

With the help of the below-listed steps, you can add or remove system icons from the taskbar:

        Step 1: Hit Windows +S at the same time to open the search box.

        Step 2: Type Settings in the search box.

        Step 3: Choose Personalization from Settings.

        Step 4: Click on Taskbar.

        Step 5: Enable or Disable System Icons.

        Step 6: Now you can delete icons like network, clock, power, touch keyboard, location, and many more.

Apply Tablet Mode with Taskbar Icons

           Taskbar icons disappear while switching to tablet mode. So, you can check the steps listed below to turn on the tablet mode without making the taskbar icons vanish:

              Step 1: Click on Win +I keys together to launch Settings.

              Step 2: Choose Tablet Mode.

              Step 3: Turn off the hide app icons option.

Hide Cortana

To get some more space and fix the taskbar not Working on Taskbar Windows 10, you can eliminate Cortana. Here is how to do that:

             Step 1: Right-click anywhere on Taskbar Windows 10 to choose Cortana.

             Step 2: Click on the context menu, that appears next to it.

             Step 3: Choose the Hidden option to cover up the Cortana icon from the taskbar.

              Step 4: To get the Cortana icon back, you can follow the above steps and choose the Show Cortana Icon option.

Hide Cortana
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Add Folders and Subfolders

Storing data in an unorganized manner in folders and subfolders makes it difficult to get the needed file. Hence to access all the files easily, you can use Taskbar Windows 10. To do so:

             Step 1: Click right on the Taskbar Windows 10.

             Step 2: Click on Toolbars.

             Step 3: Now choose the New Toolbars option.

             Step 4: Locate the file on the browser window.

             Step 5: Add a shortcut of the selected file on the taskbar.

Change Taskbar Location

To change the location of the taskbar, you need to follow the steps shared below:

               Step 1: Right-click on the Taskbar Windows 10.

               Step 2: Click on the Taskbar Settings.

               Step 3: Scroll down until you see the Taskbar Location On-Screen option.

               Step 4: Now click on the drop-down menu and choose the location on the desktop where you want to place the taskbar.

Shutdown or Signout

After trying the above steps, now you can follow the following steps to Shutdown or Signout your PC using the taskbar.

               Step 1: Right-click on the Start button.

               Step 2: Select the Shutdown option from the start button.


               Step 1: Select the Power button from the start screen.

               Step 2: Now click on the Power option.

Summing up with the Best Tips to Customize Taskbar Windows 10 for Productivity

The above-mentioned steps help you to customize Taskbar Windows 10. You can try them one by one and select the most appropriate one. If you get a better solution than this, please mention it in the comment section.

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