What Professions Are Related To A Biology Degree And A GCSE In Biology?

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Students select Biology Degree as their major for a variety of reasons. They might simply be fascinated by the human body or the natural world, or they might have a specific career in mind that calls for a biology degree.

A wide range of students will be interested in the topics and elements of biology. For many degrees in biological science and closely related fields of study in medicine, biology is a prerequisite course. Careers in Biology: Some of the occupations directly related to biology include those in medicine, pharmacy,

physical therapy, biomedical engineering, research science (life sciences), microbiology, marine biology, conservation, and ecology, environmental management, food science, agricultural engineering, and zoology. A variety of professions, including law, business analysis, and psychology, could benefit from the acquired transferable skills (Biology is a requirement for some psychology degrees).

Biology Degree
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Where Can GCSE & A-Level Biology Take You? | Careers with a Biology Degree | Careers in Biology

Although a degree in biology opens up a wide range of career options, it is necessary for those in the scientific and medical fields.

Research and Academica



Forensic scientist

Emergency services and the Police

Agriculture / Farming / Ecology / Landscaping

Healthcare and Medicine



Engineer, biological

Engineer, Environmental

Engineer, Biomedical

Fitness and Sports

Professional athlete / Personal trainer / Physiotherapist

Does taking A-level Biology without Chemistry have any sense? What about at the university level for Pharmacy, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, or Sports Science?

If you don’t take chemistry at the A-level level, it’s likely that you won’t be able to enroll in any degree courses, let alone chemistry ones. In addition, enrolling in a course related to medicine or dentistry—for which you’ll likely need to take chemistry and biology at A-level—will be much more challenging, if not impossible, for you without having taken chemistry at the college level.

If you want to pursue a career in chemical engineering or biochemistry, you must also have taken chemistry at the college level. If you intend to pursue a degree in biology, many universities might also require it. For some degree courses in geography, geology, or earth sciences, chemistry might be one of the science courses that must be taken.

What Can a Biology Degree Get You? What types of jobs can you get with A-levels in biology and chemistry?

Those with a background in biology are particularly well-suited for the following professions:

scholarly researcher


teacher of higher education

Aquatic biologist



Officer for nature conservation


study scientist (life sciences)

Technician in a scientific laboratory

teacher in a secondary school

soil expert

laboratory technician for instruction

The following jobs would benefit from having a biology degree:

a technician in anatomical pathology

Physiotherapist for animals

cardiac scientist in practice

dental assistant

dental assistant

dental assistant


genetic advisor

Expert in health improvement

Linking science and medicine


associate physician


Science author

Sustainability advisor

Veterinary Nursing


Jobs that require biology and chemistry are available. A levels

The following positions have openings in the sciences, such as biology and chemistry:

study assistant

study analyst

A $60,086 annual salary is the average nationwide.

Laboratory Assistant

Technicians in forensic science

Biomedical technician

clinical expert

ecological scientist


a medical technician

Senior teacher of science

Laboratory manager




Chemical engineer and biologist

How many A-Levels must I have to apply to medical school? Is Math Necessary?

Typically, candidates for medical schools must have three A-Levels with excellent grades. It’s a smart idea to take biology and chemistry A-Levels so you can broaden your options for medical school. In order to apply, many medical schools require that you have an A-Level in chemistry, and other medical schools require that you also have an A-Level in biology.

Some medical schools claim they will consider you if you substitute Chemistry and Physics or Math for Biology as a second subject. If you have biology in addition to another science subject or math in place of A-Level Chemistry, some medical schools will take you into consideration. Psychology, however, is the second subject in some medical schools.

A level of mathematics is not necessary for medical school admission in the UK. Courses in biology and chemistry are required. You must take at least one additional academic subject; this could be physics or math.

Healthcare biology careers

Think of it as the intersection of biology and medicine! Here are a few medical careers in biology:

Industrial Hygienist

Health communications expert, genetics counselor, health educator, pharmaceutical or medical product sales representative

Medical and Health Services Manager Research Scientist Anesthesiology Assistant Biological Technician Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner

Pharmacologist, Perfusionist, Medical Writer, Biochemist

Careers for biology graduates in agriculture, geography, and environmental conservation

Conservation Protection

For the following career options, biology graduates will need knowledge of ecosystems, the natural environment, and environmental science:

Wildlife Researcher Animal Care Specialist Wildlife Educator Field or Lab Technician Wildlife Technician Conservation or Wildlife Biologist Conservation Specialist


Biology graduates can find a variety of jobs in agriculture with various educational requirements and job training. Managers in the natural sciences, scientists in research and development, agribusiness salespeople, technical or scientific salespeople, extension agents, farmers, farm managers, agricultural scientists, and range scientists are all possible science paths.


You’ll need in-depth knowledge of related fields if you want to pursue a career in geography after graduating from biology. You’ll also need to take both a biological and geographic approach to today’s global challenges, from analyzing how drugs affect the human body to looking into ways to prevent species extinction to dealing with problems like global warming and natural disasters.

environmental expert


Aquatic biologist



Environmental Expert

Officer for Geographic Information Systems

Analyst of spatial data

Science teacher and Residential Surveyor

Careers in research and education for biology graduates

In addition to being crucial for society, scientific research offers biology graduates an exciting career. A researcher’s goal is to gain a better understanding of the environment by studying living things. Because research can be done in all areas of specialization, careers in research may offer the most scope for those with a biology degree.

For a career in education or research, it would be essential to have analytical abilities, research skills, scientific method knowledge, and data analysis knowledge. Research in the medical and life sciences, which includes fields like pharmacology, neurology, genomics, and microbiology, is most common.

With the appropriate additional training, researchers can be found in academic institutions, research organizations, healthcare facilities, and hospitals, as well as in business and industry. They contribute to the advancement of societal knowledge in a variety of fields.

Forensic science careers

Because biology covers a wide range of topics and practical skills, biology graduates can have remarkable careers in forensics. You’ll collaborate with law enforcement agencies such as police departments to test and process the evidence gathered during criminal investigations.

Related jobs about biology careers in politics and government

Working with legislators and regulators on urgent issues like the expansion of research and the preservation of the environment will be a requirement for careers in government. You’ll have a big part in making sure that any proposed legal changes are supported by facts.

You can work anywhere in the nation as a political advisor for non-profit organizations or scientific organizations. You could also speak on behalf of a political committee or group.

careers in industry and business

The pharmaceutical sector is constantly in need of qualified biologists to work in research and development, as well as test new products and prepare them for the market. The commercial sectors with the most employment opportunities include those that offer scientific services, marketing, sales, and public relations

Taking online classes with a online biology tutors, for GCSEsand A-levels Support helps students to build confidence in themselves. 

A-level Biology Tutor online support from top tutors with help you focus on your work and get the best possible results to support your university application, or career in the workplace. 

A Level Biology is a significant improvement over earlier biology courses that you may have taken. Your ability to learn and understand the material covered in the Level course can both be greatly enhanced with the help of A Level tutor. When pursuing your degree, you can also work with a university biology tutor.

Biology at the AP level covers the study of life, living things, and living systems. From biological molecules to the vast time scales involved in evolutionary theory, the field of biology covers a wide range of topics. Taking Level Biology will be advantageous for students who want to pursue science in any scientific or technical field.

If you are familiar with the various exam boards, your Level tutor would benefit greatly from hearing from you. This will enable them to tailor their lessons for your child so that they contain material that is pertinent to the curriculum.

GCSE tutor assistance

The core concepts that support the study of living organisms are explored in GCSE Biology. The GCSE in biology places a greater emphasis on content than the other sciences and employs fewer mathematical concepts. A significant amount of information must be committed to memory by students in order to pass the GCSE Biology exam.

On the other hand, a GCSE Biology tutor will offer assistance with each section of written material, which is required in order to receive top marks. Because depending on the exam board being used, different topics may be covered for GCSE Biology.

Online biology tutors can assist students with their coursework at the GCSE, A-level, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels, as well as with applications to study abroad and for admission to universities. Additionally, undergraduate degree support in biology can be tailored to any module, discipline, or specification you need, including biodiversity, virus studies, causal relationships, natural selection, natural resources, or correlation.

University and postgraduate support is also available in subjects like physiology, physiotherapy, genetic engineering, and molecular biology. You might be able to pursue postgraduate studies with the aid of your tutor.

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