7 Quick Comparison of Jira Tool vs Asana Pricing Plans

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Jira, the bug tracking software, was created in 2002 and it has gathered over 20 years of experience in the industry. It provides a robust list of features to add or change issue types in application development. On the other hand, the Asana project management software has been around since 2008 and it is a competitive platform where users can strategize and execute their assignments. This article will help you determine the suitable choice based on the Jira tool vs Asana pricing plans.  

Jira Tool Best Features

Quick Comparison of Jira Tool vs Asana Pricing Plans
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1. Reports and Insights 

Jira tool provides real-time insights so you can generate the best results for your business. You can optimize data by planning sprints and keeping track of the developments that take place. You can further make the most out of your delivery pipeline with the help of cycle time insights.  

Furthermore, users can access sprint reports, burndown charts, and release burndown so that they can keep up with every single angle of the project. There are different types of reporting charts available in the form of resolved issue reports, pie charts, and time since issue reports as well.  

2. Open DevOps

Jira tool can be used to plan, code, deploy, and operate applications. The Open DevOps features are equipped with essentials such as Confluence, Opsgenie, and Bitbucket as default. However, teams can further incorporate other tools such as GitHub and GitLab for the process as well. There are many updated features like Deployments and Code tabs and the opportunity to set rules that further facilitate users.  

3. Agile Boards 

Jira tool integrates Scrum through which you can turn large tasks into manageable chunks of work and teams can deliver faster results. On the other hand, integration with Kanban can be helpful in creating an organized stream of work and eliminating distractions. Both of these apps can help fast-paced teams to stay on top of their tasks and make the most out of their time. 

Jira Tool Pricing Plans

The following are the three Jira pricing plans that are provided by the official website:  


The free plan can accommodate up to 10 users but has a size limit of 1. It integrates Kanban and Scrum to offer visual team management tools to beginners. There are several other tools such as backlog, agile reporting, and customizable workflows that can be used to maintain an overview of important data and control it as well. 


The standard plan goes a step ahead to provide sustainable propriety tracking options to users. It costs around $7 with the capacity to provide a sustainable work platform for up to 20,000 users. It has several tools to establish admin control too. For instance, project roles let managers decide who would be working on particular aspects of a project. On the other hand, users can also utilize advanced permissions too.  


The third plan charges around $14 and it is equipped with several features that provide management solutions. Automation is applicable to global and multi-level projects. Users further get access to advanced roadmaps as well as dependency management. A full range of admin controls is part of this plan too. 

Asana Software Best Features

1. Workflow Builder

Asana has managed to further simplify tasks management through a workflow builder through which you can coordinate with your work teams and organize projects easily too. The workflow builder functions in a systemized manner. You can use it to extract ideas through forms and automate tasks such as assigning them to relevant members as well.  

Furthermore, you can integrate tools like Slack and Google Drive so that your data automatically syncs with the platform.  

2. Boards

Asana is a platform that cultivates a visual system through Kanban so you can visualize your ideas and prioritize tasks as well. You can further check for potential roadblocks that may occur as issues in the future. However, one interesting fact about Asana is that it does not limit you to Kanban and you can switch between different boards in order to gather information about other aspects as well. 

Asana Pricing Plans 

The Asana pricing plans are split into the following three options: 


The first plan is free of cost and has limited yet useful functions. For instance, it can be used to manage unlimited tasks, unlimited projects, and unlimited activity logs too. It is possible to collaborate with up to 15 members as well. Moreover, unlimited data storage space is available while the file sizes have to be limited to 100MB.  


The second plan is the premium which costs $10 and consists of a wide range of features like a timeline, workflow builder, and unlimited dashboards. It is able to help create unlimited dashboards so that different projects can be managed easily. Advanced search lets you run reports on the basis of your priorities as well. Other attractive features that are included in this plan are forms, rules, custom fields, and unlimited guests, among various others.  


The business plan costs $24 and it has a reliable range of advanced functions such as portfolios and goals. You can even track the workload of members and set customs rules for tasks. Moreover, users can manage approvals so that the entire team is on the same page. It is able to sustain advanced integrations with Salesforce and Adobe Creative Cloud as well.  

The Jira project management system and the Asana project management software accommodate equally affordable yet diverse pricing plans for their users. Each provides dexterous functions that can resolve a variety of issues pertaining to task management.

The Jira tool vs Asana pricing plans comparison establishes the importance of each for agile teams who require efficient online tools to stay ahead of their tasks. However, while the Jira tool aims to work within the framework of propriety tracking, Asana is framed around project management requirements mainly.

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