Convert YouTube to MP3 On Mac & PC For Free With 3 Apps

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YouTube to MP3 Digital copycats have rendered a lot of products and services obsolete, but there are still some things that only humans can handle. And now Google has released their YouTube to MP3 converter that makes it possible for you to digitize your vinyl or cassette collection, or alternatively, your old 8 track player to MP3!

Convert YouTube to MP3 in 4 Simple Steps.

Step 1, Select Title.

Step 2, Choose Your Version.

Step 3, Download.

Step 4, Done!

Searching for an easy way to batch convert YouTube to MP3? I found this really cool utility that allowed me to set all the features and turned my videos into audio files in 3 clicks. In this video, I’ll show you how it’s done and share a link where you can get your own copy on any operating system.

If you love music, then there are some great reasons to save YouTube to MP3 on Mac. No matter the device that you’re listening to the songs from, the benefits of having a backup collection of all those songs are huge. Audio quality can vary depending on the video’s source, but by opting for an offline playlist with DRM-free downloads, you can be confident in converting to MP3 when saving YouTube Music.

Convert YouTube to MP3 On Mac & PC For Free With 3 Apps
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Benefits of Convert YouTube to MP3 on macOS, PC, and Linux

Thanks to mp3 converters, you can get the most of YouTube by taking the posted video offline. Converting YouTube to MP3 is also useful if you want a streamlined listening experience without ads and other interactive elements. You also spruce up your playlist, as music tends to get repetitive after a while. YouTube to MP3 conversion tools is handy for whoever doesn’t have cable.

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to convert YouTube (and any other video) in just 3 simple steps:

1. Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 on Windows and macOS with Free Software

2. Install Video to MP3 Solution

3. Extract Audio from Video

Convert YouTube to MP3 On Mac

One of the best things about YouTube is that it provides a library of music and soundtracks. However, to listen to this music in some instances, you’ll have to convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac. One thing that you need to do before listening on your computer is export the video file so it won’t be in SMF format.

(I) If the video file is not already in MP4 format, then import the file into another program. You can also use QuickTime Player showtime player or any other editor that supports MP4 format. If you don’t have an editor installed on your Mac, then one is available for free through Safari Extensions Gallery.

(II) Once the file is imported, save it in another folder where you want to keep other videos that are not going to be uploaded to YouTube anymore because they’re not public-visible due to privacy settings.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac?

Converting YouTube to MP3 on Mac is a great way to back up your favorite YouTube videos. YouTube-to-MP3 converts everything you see (not just the audio) into an equivalent MP3 file that’s then stored in iTunes or Finder for further usage.

Paragraph: Downloading music from YouTube is illegal without permission from the artist, so it’s important to make sure that any source downloading is legal and ethical. However, legal tracks can be obtained using services like Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud. To convert from YouTube to MP3, there are many websites such as Wavosaur or YouTube-Converter that will work perfectly with a Mac operating system. Besides backing up your favorite videos, converting FLAC files (.flac) and other audio formats (.wav) into the MP3 format (.mp3) will ensure high-quality music regardless of where you get your media files.

How to Convert Local Video for Playback With the Best Quality?

To make a YouTube video available for offline playback, you need to convert the local video to an MP3. If you have a Mac, it’s easy to do this with the application called MakeMKV. Simply download and install that application. When you open it up, select your desired movie from the queue and then start it. MakeMKV will automatically transcode that feature into an MKV container for saving locally on the hard drive. As long as it is running in the background, raw audio after a little while will be saved. With both of these steps complete, click on OK and proceed with your offline viewing activity.

What Format of Video Does Your Preferred Media Player Support on Your Mac?

If the video format that your media player doesn’t support is YouTube, then you can convert them to MP3 on your Mac. An easy process, whether you use professional software like Handbrake or PlayLater. When encoding to MP3, keep in mind that there is no universally accepted standard for audio compression.

To convert a video from YouTube to MP3, double-click on the video in the iBooks app. The video that you are viewing will open in the program. You’ll see a stop and pause button at the bottom of the screen. Click on the arrow next to it and select “Export Note…”. Select “Audio of Favorites” and then click on “Done.”

There are three possible video formats for a video version of your video on YouTube: .m4v, .mp4 or .webm. Supported media players change depending on the video format chosen to upload.

Some video players support YouTube’s M4A audio format, but that doesn’t mean the player will automatically have a button for downloads. In order for playback to sound good on a desktop or Apple TV set, your preferred media player will need to allow you to save videos as M4A files.

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I have used two links on YouTube to convert videos to mp3 format. Unfortunately, one of the links doesn’t work at all while the other is unreliable. I will try using other apps like handbrake and look for a better link to clip the audio from any video.

I’ve finally been able to download the MP3 file of my video. I’m very happy and relieved to now have been able to download my MP3 file and keep it on my computer as a backup copy. I’ll need to remember this process in case I couldn’t do it again in the future.

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