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Digital Marketing Arena, is e-commerce marketing company with offices in 55 locations across India. This blog post highlights the current happenings in their training— a panel that devotes Saturday morning sessions to online marketing problems and how consumers can nurture their platform go viral.nnIf you’re new to digital marketing, or are looking to grow your skills, Digital Marketing Arena SMM Panel for you.

Members of the Digital Marketing arena volunteered to answer questions on their plans for SMM in the year 2020 and we gathered a lot of useful information.nnWith the Internet being an ever-changing platform, you need to publish content that always keeps up with the current trend of search engines and these changes in search trends. This blog post will take you through a complete analysis of how to plan out your blog article topics that would be in high demand for a given month, category or audience.

Digital Marketing Arena: What is SMM?

digital marketing arena
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digital marketing arena

Social Media Marketing, or SMM, is the idea that social media has a greater impact on marketing than traditional advertisements. Additionally, it refers to the specialized skill sets used in executing traditional advertising methods in conjunction with today’s social media platforms.nnSMM stands for social, mobile, and manager. nThis three letter acronym has been described as the combination of online advertising and marketing and it is growing exponentially.

A report by McKinsey in 2014 found that, eMarketer states that we have seen a growth of SMM to be $165 billion by 2022. As digital advertising gets more tech-oriented there is also an increase of how people are spending their time on mobile devices which has the possibility of brand engagement.nnSocial Media Marketing is used by many companies to build awareness of their products or services and increase their audience. Companies use social media marketing through various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Case Study Early Business Development

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend a digital marketing conference as part of college’s Pan-media Club called Digital Marketing Arena SMM PANEL. The event was held at the Grand Peace Hotel in Busan, South Korea and it was an informative and inspiring panel with many different topics ranging from microblogging to niche marketing. At one point in the event, they introduced the sponsors of the event which included GoDaddy, ClarityRay and Target.

This was my first inkling of how online business works because in my world (classroom) professors always talked about building brands as part of our marketing class. So it was interesting to learn of these large companies and how they leverage advertising space to build their is the most popular content management system (CMS) today.

It allows bloggers, individual websites, or companies to publish and update their own website without worrying about programming, hosting, or technical expertise. WordPress’ popularity has skyrocketed in recent years with a wide range of professional e-commerce businesses and non-profits seeing success.

Case Study Customer Acquisition

The company analyzed the outcomes of the customer acquisition they have done over the past 18 months. Even without a marketing budget, they have been able to increase sales by 106%. Furthermore, they have seen sales grow month-over-month and year-over-year. By using customer acquisition case studies among other tactics, the team leads their products into numerous accounts on various digital platforms with over 75% perform sales rates.

With the right methods, it’s possible to acquire customers on social media. It can be a challenging process, but there are many tools that can help make it easier. A prominent social media marketing tool is retargeting. Using this method, an ad for one product is delivered to the most similar people who purchased a different product. This way, products will continue to sell without having new ones delivered.

Bloggers have always had trouble trying to figure out ways to attract intelligent and profitable customers. One way is through content marketing case studies or testimonials. They are a quick and easy way to connect with consumers, providing useful information. As they’re a different type of content, blogs can rarely afford it..

Case Study Online Promotion for Your Product: Marketing to India’s Youth

One way companies hope to achieve this is by organizing a digital marketing conference called Digital Marketing Arena. Green Car Congress was one such company that announced their first event. The company officially launched their event in October 2011, which coincided with a world-wide financial crisis that worsened as the year progressed.

The timing ultimately proved to be significant for the company and helped them reach out to a lot of people who were searching for answers.nnRegardless of the difficulties being faced in India, digital marketing online has been proven to have a lot to offer when looking to supplement your overall business. In order to promote your brand on the go, it is necessary that you leverage different digital channels.

Facebook recently released research stating that Indian youth tend to spend their time chatting with friends, watching movies and drinking as well as going viral on social media.nnOne of the domains that are becoming more and more important to a business is online. It has become an integral part of modern marketing that it’s no longer a separate entity. Online Marketing, or ‘digital marketing’ includes all formats that use digital media to target customers, spread brand awareness, increase sales and conversions, encourage brand loyalty & instill trust and confidence in your products.


The conclusion of this panel was that both campaigners and marketers are pleased with the technological advances being made for the digital marketing arena. The panel also brought up ethical implications of companies using more advanced technologies to gain an advantage in their competition.nnEveryone leaves via the same door.

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