10 Best Digital Marketing Trends Of 2022

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The domain of digital marketing is on an ascending curve. Businesses, large and small, have embraced digital marketing, and new & advanced marketing tactics enable them to connect with the masses more effectively. Techniques and approaches morph every year, necessitating the creation of resilient, responsive, flexible, and future-ready marketing strategies.

Formulating long-term marketing strategies requires careful planning, a proactive approach, and solid ideas regarding existing & upcoming trends and potential disruptions. From professional assignment expert platforms to e-commerce ventures, businesses need to implement tactics & devise strategies that have worked in the past & will do so in the future.

This collection looks at the top 10 digital marketing trends in the upcoming year. These trends are not just industry fads but what experts consider the general direction that digital marketing is heading in 2022 and well beyond!

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

Digital Marketing
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1. Understanding Search Intent

Marketers must be familiar with the idea behind user intent. Google emphasizes this aspect minutely, so much so that its ranking mechanism rewards content that addresses user intent appropriately. In addition, Google tries to understand the intrinsic meaning and intention behind search queries and urges businesses to tailor their web content accordingly.

The world’s leading search engine has implemented powerful machine learning algorithms in its search functions. BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers that learns contextual relationships between words) and MUM (Multitask Unified Model that understands information across texts, images & more) are two potent AI models powering its search & ranking systems.

As a result, Google now understands information and the human beings looking for that information. Content-type, format, and angle are the three Cs that influence user search queries & further engagement and, thereby, Google’s rankings & recommendations.

Search intent is one of the most dominant trends in SEO and will remain so for years to come. Therefore, businesses must design and optimize their content with user search intent in mind.

2. Attending To Privacy Matters

The last few years have spotlighted the dichotomic nature of online privacy. Major corporations such as Facebook and Google faced serious privacy allegations. The veil’s lifted, and the public is now more cautious and aware about protecting their online privacy. An increasing distrust regarding online brands and services is evident and can have major repercussions in the long run.

Businesses NEED to regain that trust and reassure users about data usage & security. Companies need user data to offer better-customized services, helpful information, and relevant ads. Digital marketing requires user data to serve users better but at the same time must gather data in an ethical & transparent manner.

Marketers need to develop data protection strategies that focus on the customers first. Rethinking methods and systems that collect data, the nature of collected data, seeking proper permission before collection, and providing users control regarding data usage is necessary to preserve privacy.

2022 should be the year when digital marketers focus more on handling customer data privacy better. In addition, it is the year when they need to become more socially responsible.

3. Better Connection With UGC

Finding how your products & services are changing lives and how people perceive your brand are critical aspects of digital marketing. ‘Word of mouth and user-generated content (UGC) is still the invisible force that powers the success of many businesses.

Surveys, polls, reviews, comments, posts, and engagement metrics are powerful tools and will remain so through 2022 & beyond. They provide crucial information regarding the performance, reception, and overall perception of campaigns, services & brands, which can help refine tactics & strategies further.

Thanks to online media, understanding what the audience thinks has become more tangible. Publishing appealing social media posts, sharing user-generated content, reviewing syndication, and engaging in careful conversations can help marketers better get in touch with the public.

4. Becoming ‘Omniscient’

E-Mail, Social Media, Video, PPC, Affiliate, SEO, mobile- there are a plethora of marketing avenues available now, each with its features & benefits. Omnichannel marketing, while nothing new, has been a dominant trend since its inception. And, it is expected to be all the rage in the coming years.

Omnichannel marketing is all about promoting and providing access to your products, services, offers, and supports, via every possible channel. Major brands such as Walmart and IKEA already dabble in it with significant success. IKEA even provides multiple points of communication to its customers as well.

5. Here are a few insights.

  • The purchase rate of omnichannel digital marketing campaigns is significantly higher.
  • According to an article by Gartner on B2B sales insights, customers are channel-agnostic. They want information and services to be available across all platforms.
  • The more channels one caters through, the better. More channels mean better accessibility, availability, and awareness.

Make your business digitally omniscient by offering your services, promoting yourself, and supporting your consumers via every possible channel.

6. Loyalty Programs Are Losing Their Shine

Loyalty programs are becoming a thing of the past.

According to an article on Forbes, brands are phasing out loyalty programs and replacing them with dedicated membership programs. Marketers realize the overall futility of offering loyalty points to their consumers and have begun introducing membership programs for better effectiveness.

Unlike loyalty systems which most are hesitant to join, membership models are more compelling as they add value through myriad long-term benefits and better-personalized experiences.

7. Discarding Discounts

Brands are also stepping away from drastic discounts to attract customers, like loyalty programs.

Huge discounted offers do attract the crowd but generally have no long-term benefits. Digital marketers are instead identifying how they provide value to customers and how their products are changing lives. They capitalize on such information to customize their approaches, offering unique buying experiences, tailored benefits, and fostering long-term relationships.

8. Crafting Shoppable Content

Marketing is akin to storytelling. You need to grab attention, holding it till the end and leaving an indelible mark on the mind. Storytelling has always been important in digital marketing, and that importance grows exponentially with each year.

There is lots of competition, lots of distractions, and lots & lots of content. Creating effective shoppable content is thus a must. A brand’s web content should be appealing AND informative to be shoppable. Attention, Branding, Connection, and Direction – these are the ABCDs of web content that Google’s experts abide by.

In 2022, digital marketing campaigns should be all about making your content engaging and story-driven. Stay true to your brand and express its identity effectively, all the while perfecting the nuances & potency of your campaign.

9. Video & Visuals Are Essentials

Implementing visual content frequently & effectively in digital marketing campaigns has brought success. Here are what the statistics are saying:

  • 79% of users have been convinced to buy something after watching a video.
  • YouTube is a primary marketing channel for more than 50% of digital marketers, according to HubSpot.
  • HubSpot also states that video has become the primary form of marketing media in 2021, followed by blogs.
  • Finally, 91% of people think video has become more critical for brands post-pandemic.

2022 should be the year when digital marketers should invest more in creating stellar visual content. Coupled with impeccable write-ups, short-form, and engaging videos can be the perfect vessel for convincing consumers.

10. Vibrant Virtualization

In an article on the top 2022 marketing trends by HubSpot, 35% of marketers were leveraging AR or VR to enhance their promotional strategies in 2021. That figure is expected to rise to 42% in 2022.

Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality technologies allow businesses to offer users immersive buying experiences that leave a long-lasting impression. These techs are making waves in the world of marketing today and will continue to do so for years to come.

Facebook’s 360 (VR), IKEA’s PLACE App (AR), Adidas’ Delicatessen (VR), etc. – are just some of the most prominent examples of effective implementation of virtualization in marketing. The investments may seem a handful for start-ups and medium enterprises, but times are changing. Affordability is no longer an issue, and the results of a unique customer experience can be excellent!

The Rise & Rise of Data Science & AI

 Data Science & AI
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Data Science, AI, Analytics, Business Intelligence- these are some of the most popular terms on the Web today. And, not without reason, as these astonishingly powerful & advanced technologies have revolutionized almost every industry, including digital marketing.

Advancements in software, electronics, and networking have allowed marketers to embrace & integrate data-driven techs into their systems & campaigns vigorously. 2022 will witness further advances in these technologies and increase implementation in digital marketing endeavors.

An article by Ahrefs shows data science and marketing analytics to be two of the most popular courses among marketers. This is a testament to the potency of data-driven technologies in the marketing world, which enable marketers to extract precious insights from volumes of data.

Well, those were our take on the top 10 digital marketing trends expected to take the world by storm. Hope this was an interesting and informative read for one and all. Do come back for more articles on exciting & popular topics!

Take care!

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