Best 7 Duplicate File Finder Software for Windows PC

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Read the post to know some of the finest duplicate file finder software that helps to reduce similar files from your Windows PC.

A clumsy system full of duplicate files makes it difficult for you to find files in an emergency. Such files acquire a lot of space and bring down the performance of your system.

To get rid of these files, you can either remove them manually which is again a time-consuming task, or automatically. In order to find and delete similar files without any human intervention, you can use a dedicated free duplicate file finder software for Windows 10, 8, 7, and other older operating systems as well.

Here are some top recommendations for the best duplicate file finders and removers for Windows laptops and desktop computers.

List of Top 7 Duplicate File Finder Software for Windows PC

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Duplicate files hamper your system’s performance a lot. To remove them you should try one of the best duplicate finder and cleaner software from the below list:

Fast Duplicate File Finder

Fast Duplicate File Finder is one of our top recommendations to remove duplicates from your system. This tool helps you to find and delete all the space-consuming duplicates from your Windows PC. To know about this program in detail, you can go through the features mentioned below.

Striking Features of Fast Duplicate File Finder

  • This software allows you to move similar files in recycle bin.
  • It allows you to preview the duplicates before deleting them permanently.
  • Several filters like names, extensions, and dates can be used while scanning.
  • It helps you to export inspected results in CSV or XML formats.
  • This software lets you turn off folders for self-scan.
  • Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder

Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder software is another excellent software that one can use to identify and remove duplicate files from Windows computers. This program allows you to use SHA-1 and byte-by-byte ways to search files for no cost. Along with this, you can reduce unwanted space by removing duplicate files from HDD, SDD, cloud storage, and speed up your system as well.

One of the stand out features of this program is that it allows users to scrap away dupes even from external devices.

Striking Features of Ashisoft Duplicate File Finder

  • This program allows you to detect edited and rotated files for duplicates.
  • With the help of different camera settings, you can get similar files.
  • Ashisoft helps you to sort files as per your requirements.
  • To secure significant files and folders, you need to use password protection.
  • Clone Files Checker

The next software on our list of the most amazing duplicate file removers for Windows is called Clone File Checker. This software allows you to create a backup of the duplicate files before deleting them. Besides that, this program permits you to recover deleted files with ease. To experience the features of this software, you need to check out the given list.

Striking Features of Clone Files Checker

  • With a single click, you can inspect drives or folders for similar files.
  • It allows you to right-click on any folder to scan dupes.
  • With the help of this software, you can move similar files to another folder.
  • It allows you to inspect reports in CSV format.
  • AllDup

AllDup is software that helps to detect all the duplicate files from the hard drive. Along with this, it contains a lot of features like making a shortcut for the original file and many more. To know about the features in-depth, you can have a look at the below list.

Striking Features of AllDup

  • This software allows you to skip both the individual files and entire folders.
  • AllDup permits you to exclude the metadata of FLAC files.
  • You can export the search results to CSV,  Excel, or text files.
  • You can search content-based similarities with the help of both picture mode and other algorithms.
  • VisiPics

VisiPics is a very renowned software. This software is in use for a long time and it has many outstanding functionalities. With this tool, you can compare files using 5 different filters. Apart from that, this software helps you to detect similar photos and can also identify duplicate photos with even a small change. Below are the other features of the software.

Striking Features of VisiPics

  • To get an accurate picture, you need to use three modes i.e. Strict, Lose, and Basic.
  • With the help of auto-select options to find similar files from a jiffy.
  • You can use this tool with the help of multiple tutorials.
  • While removing similar photos, you can use the project options to save settings.
  • Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover is a tool that permits the removal of similar photos from multiple platforms. Apart from that, this program helps you to reduce similar documents, videos, and audio files to free up the disk space on your computer.

To know more about the features of this software, you can go through the list given below.

Striking Features of Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

  • All major file formats are supported by this software.
  • This software explains all similar photos in detail.
  • With the help of this software, you can regain storage space.
  • It elevates the performance of your PC.
  • Auslogics Duplicate Photo Finder

Auslogics Duplicate Photo Finder software is another one of the best software that one can use to reduce similar photos. This tool also allows you to remove duplicate documents, video files, etc. To have depth knowledge of the features of this tool, you can read the points mentioned below.

Striking Features of Auslogics Duplicate Photo Finder

  • This tool maintains its accuracy with the MD5 engine.
  • It helps you to transfer files to the ignore list and eliminate them while scanning.
  • You can free up the disc space by deleting unwanted .exe files and similar files.
  • It permits you to scan only when you specify the file types.


With the help of the above-mentioned duplicate file finder software, you can easily find and remove all the duplicate files present in your Windows device. Now, you can compare their features and choose the best software.

Hope you enjoyed this post. We will be back soon with another post.

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