What To Do After A Fender Bender in Sacramento? Find Here

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While no one wants to get injured in a traffic accident, most of us have encountered a fender bender at some
point. Such minor accidents are not rare in Sacramento, and a typical example would be someone bumping your car while parking. The question is whether you should act, and if yes, what are the immediate steps you need to follow?

At the very least, you should consult a Sacramento car accident lawyer to understand whether you have a claim. Here are some key things worth knowing.

What To Do After A Fender Bender in Sacramento Find Here
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The basic laws

As per California car accident laws, you are expected to stop immediately after the car accident, no matter
whether it was a significant accident or a minor fender bender. This is also true for auto accidents that don’t result in property damage or injury. If your vehicle hits a pedestrian or any object on the road, you should stop, and if you fail to do so, you could be dealing with a hit-and-run charge.

Call the Police

Once you stop, call California Highway Patrol or the local police if the accident results in property damage, injury, or death. Because fender benders don’t cause injury or death, you don’t necessarily have to report the same, but walking away is never a safe idea. If the other driver believes that the mishap was
a serious one, or when they have suffered injuries, they will file a claim with your insurer, and you could be
dealing with a lawsuit.
Other steps to follow

  1. If you think you are injured, call 911. Even when the injuries don’t seem that serious immediately, you
    need to check with an injury doctor right away.
  2. Get the details from the other party or driver, such as contact information, insurance information,
    and license details.
  3. Since we are talking of fender benders, make sure you use the time to document the accident
    scene and your injuries. This will come in handy if the other party files a lawsuit against you or you
    decide to sue them.
  4. Finally, ensure that you inform your insurance company. That would be a wise step so that you don’t
    have to deal with other concerns later.
    While the accident scene may not seem in bad shape, it often contains information that will help prove your
    side of the case. A fender bender is not something to worry about, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
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