5 Best Ways to Find Foreclosures That You Should Know

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Foreclosures one of the keys to achieving success in the real estate industry is buying properties at lower prices and selling them at higher rates. You will find many experienced investors making deals on foreclosed properties. Why? Because they are a great source of cheap real estate investment.

So if you want to achieve success in the real estate industry as well as earn high profits, then learn the best ways to find foreclosed properties for sale. This guide will help you to understand some unknown or little-known ways to find foreclosed homes.

Without any further ado, let’s get started with the most common way to find a foreclosed property for sale.


Perhaps you might be an experienced real estate investor, but what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you start looking for ways to buy a foreclosed home? Auctions, right? It is the oldest and most common way of buying a foreclosure.

Auctions take place in a live location as well as on online real estate platforms. You may find a single foreclosed property or a number of properties for sale in this method.

Visit Bank Websites

If you’re looking to purchase a foreclosed property online, then check out the websites of national as well as local banks. You can find several bank websites having a separate section of foreclosure listings.

Foreclosures These property listings include all those properties that the bank failed to sell at an auction. Usually, banks upload hundreds of foreclosed properties on their website. Thus, you will have more options to get an ideal deal.

Also, you can find highly discounted offer prices as the bank always tend to get rid of these properties as long as they get the defaulted loan amount.

Check out Government Agencies Websites

Finding out government-foreclosed properties becomes easy if you go through the websites of government agencies that offer real estate financing. Some of the relevant sources are as follows:

  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development: It uploads foreclosures listings on its website and also in the portals of local agents. To buy any of their listed property, you simply need to contact the real estate agent dealing with the property sale.
  • Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae: You can easily find foreclosed properties for sale on their websites. You just need to search the properties with an address or ZIP code of your choice. You can also search with the MLS number.
  • The Department of the Treasury: You can find multiple online listings on its website that includes properties that are acquired by the IRS for default tax payments.
  • Look for Asset Management Companies

Another effective source of searching foreclosures online is by looking for asset management companies. Generally, lenders who do not choose to manage REOs on their own, outsource them to an asset management company.

So if you are looking to invest in foreclosed real estate then you should check out the websites of the asset management companies to get a great deal.

Check County Records

One of the best ways to find a foreclosed property is by visiting your local county office or checking the county record online. Every foreclosures listing gets filed with the county offices and most of them are also available online.

You can find the time and location of the auction along with the property information on their website. So if you are looking for a specific county to invest in, then checking the county records is a useful resource.

Final Note

Investing in foreclosed real estate can be a profitable deal. You get an opportunity to pay below market value for a property on sale. So by now, you must have had an idea about the best ways to find a foreclosed property. Just make sure to implement more than one strategy at a time to get a perfect deal quickly.

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