Free Movie Streaming sites | Know About the popular list of sites 2022.

Free Movie Streaming sites All we love to watch free movies in our free time or on weekends. When these movies are available for free, it doubles our fun. Although there are many OTT platforms to watch movies or series on those platforms, you have to pay a small amount of subscription fee. But, at the same time, there are many more sites available that provide you with the latest movies free of cost. These websites allow you to stream, download any movie, series online.

The categories of movies are not limited to free platforms. Every category of the movie such as Tamil Movie, Punjabi Movie, English Movie, Telugu movie and so on. So, today we will discuss a few most popular movie streaming sites. Out of the below-mentioned free movie streaming sites, you can pick your favorite.

Let’s discuss in detail:

Free Movie Streaming sites

Free Movie Streaming sites
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  1. UWatchFree: Many of us already know about this site and UWatchFree Website is a favorite of many youngsters. This provides all types of movies in many languages. Without any restriction you can check bollywood movies, hollywood movies, Hindi movies and so on. But, it is suggested not to use this site as it can cause viruses in your laptop or desktop. You can easily find a downlink link of any movie here, but with this they show too many ads and pop ups and clicking on any ad or pop ups can cause issues in your system. With little safety you can use UWatchFree which is a pirated website.
  • 123 Movies: This is another most popular site in this list. On 123movies many films are available in HD format of 1080p and stream with no extra ads or pop ups. This is an easy to navigate site with only a search bar where you can find movies of your choice. After finding your favorite movie ,you can simply watch or download movies. High quality streaming, user friendly interface, impressive speed make it different from others.
  • PopcornFlix: Another free movie streaming website that provides the service of free movies since 2017. This website holds many movies such as horror movies, comedy movies, foreign, action, documentary films and so on. There is no need to signup or login to start streaming movies here.
  • Pluto TV: Pluto TV is also a popular website among youngsters where you can watch movies, TV Series, motion pictures etc.No verification, user details are required to start streaming the movies. Either you can watch free movies or series on your desktop or you can browse on your mobile phone. It is also available as an app

  • Jio Rockers Tamil: This is another replacement of paid movie platforms, this site delivers that appropriated content. Jio Rockers Tamil website is illegal and you can use it at your own risk. Here you can watch movies of your choice for free and no trap of any addons ads or pop ups. There are no restrictions on categories. You can search for any category and can download movies in any resolution. Maybe this site is banned by the government and due to this they have to change their domain many times. You can check out what domain is available for you to stream your favorite movies. There are two variants of this site one is in Tamil and Telugu.
  • Tubi:  Tubi contains a great collection of movies and TV shows you can start streaming now. Here not all the content is available for free, for some movies you have to pay a small amount or can say rent. But, the best thing is that many movies are absolutely free to watch. There are several collections to pick from, like Black cinema, Movie Night etc.Here are two sections that are amazing, one is leaving soon and other new trending stories.
  1. Gostream: This is another favorite free movie streaming site that offers many sites. This website speed is fast, with an amazing user ease of access method. Furthermore, the movies it provides in full HD resolution, like 720p definition. Once you select a movie, it automatically begins to play. The only disadvantage is there are no TV shows for streaming. This website has no ads, no extra pop up notifications, and is responsive on any device. Its quick load time, high quality videos, and impressive libaray.

Bottom Line…

Installing VPN is best while streaming movies on such websites. Most of the sites are pirated and illegal websites because they publish someone else copyrighted content without their permission which is an illegal activity.  Many sites are banned by the government and many sites change their domains from time to time.

So, now the question is how you can be safe while using such websites? You can safely use these sites by using VPN to protect you from your ISP, developers, and third-party cookies from snooping on your private data. Also, it is suggested to use these sites safely because many sites show irrelevant ads which can cause viruses to your system. Better to be on the safer side, not to click on any ads, any hidden links, any notifications.


These are a few websites where you can enjoy watching your favorite movies, series, and newly released movies without worrying about the cost of tickets, subscription charges, etc,  So, why wait for more. Start streaming movies of your choice without thinking of money and enjoy your choice of meal. Free Movie Streaming sites

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