(काम हो रहा होगा)

Hello friends, welcome to you in another new information and knowledgeable article, today we will know about the FUTURE CONTINUOUS TENSE So friends, if you also want to learn grammar, then I will definitely try to understand you every point and example well till the end of this article, so let's start.


FORMULA: All Subject + Will be + Ing to verb

Example –

  1. It will be Drizzling outside.
  2. They will be plunging in the water.
  3. He will be going abroad.
  4. Raju will be eating to his Fill.
  5. His brother will be tampering with the mobile.
  6. He will be misguiding them.
  7. He will be basking the fire.
  8. She will be criticizing you.
  9. She will be bolting the door from Inside.
  10. The class will be ending now.
  11. She will be sniffing.


FORMULA: Will + all subject + be + Ing to verb

Example –

  1. Who will be encouraging him?
  2. Why will he be Doubling the task?
  3. When will he be memorizing the lesion?
  4. Why will he be extending the date?
  5. Who will be instigating them?
  6. Will he be sacrificing his happening for her?
  7. Will she be frightening her friends?
  8. Will they be Detesting poor people?
  9. Why will he be squandering his wealth?
  10. Will he be baffing them?


FORMULA: All subject + will not + be + Ing to verb


  1. It will not be raining.
  2. She will not be lisping.
  3. They will not be obeying teachers.
  4. The students will not be making noise.
  5. Mohan will not be borrowing money from anyone.
  6. He will not be interfering in your work.
  7. She will not be taking the annual exam.
  8. They will not be getting ready on time
  9. His performance will not be influencing his boss.
  So, friends, you must have understood the affirmative, interrogative and negative   sentences inside the FUTURE CONTINIOUS Tense, hope you have liked our articles, if you like it, then do share it with your friends and families. Thank you.

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