Gaming sector | Love Playing Games? Make a Career out of it, here is all you need to know 2022

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The gaming industry is overflowing with tremendous opportunities along with that there are several companies that are investing millions of dollars in this game sector. Even the non-traditional gaming companies, like Apple, Google, and Meta (formerly known as Facebook) are also planning in getting into this industry after looking into the high figured revenue and demands as well.

As per the latest KPMG report, the online gaming sector was valued at Rs 13,600 crore for the year 2025 and is forecasted to reach a market size of Rs 29,000 crore. Another possible reason for the growth of this sector is driven by an increasing number of users of smartphones and affordable internet penetration in the country.

Although we believe in facts rather than any other words,

Gaming sector
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hence here are some of the recent trends and growth of the lucrative industry: –

  • Microsoft who is considered as one of the tech giants estimates that there are more than 2 billion gamers all around the world.
  • By 2022, the gaming sector is estimated to grow about USD 196 billion.
  • Gaming is the fastest growing segment in this Media and Market with an estimated growth of 41% very year.
  • In this lucrative industry, the venture capital funding for Indian gaming startups stood at 350 million dollars.
  • The casual gaming markets represents 14.87% of total Indian gaming market.
  • In a recent survey, online card games industry growing at 35-40% annually. 
  • The fantasy sports industry have witnessed a boom over 90 million users at the end of 2019. 
  • 17 million E-sports users are currently involved in the world of PC gaming.
  • There are 560 million online gamers and over 250 million mobile gamers in India. 

Types of  Gaming Careers:

Well, the game is such an industry that offers various kinds of job prospects to the interested ones. Individuals who have a strong passion for games can pursue a career as a :

  1. Game Animator: the other name, we can give them is multimedia expert. The job of of a game animator is to amalgamate technology with creativity and imagination into an animated images.
  2.  Game Audio engineer: Or the sound experts. They have to mix up music and give a dynamic sound effects which will bring life to the video game.
  3. Game designer: the duty of a game designer is to create levels, characters, puzzles etc. They need to visualize ideas and combine and blend it with creativity.
  4.  Game programmer: The game programmers have to create programs with the help of coding and programming languages so that the smartphones, computers or the video game systems can read. They have to identify which coding language will be best suited for a gamer platform.
  5. Creative game director: they have to make sure that the video game project looks perfect in every aspect.
  6. Game artist: They are the creator of every character which will be needed for the game.they design 2D or 3D art forms for the visual elements.
  7. Game marketer/PR: They have a central role in gaming process. They have a duty to deliver a message from the developer and to make possible that the public takes it on a positive way.    

What is the Position of the Gaming Industry?

Gaming sector
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“Every coin has two faces” – likewise this pandemic also emerged as a boon to some industries. One of the most benefited industries is gaming. Having the largest youth population, India is expected to become the market leader in gaming.

As per Statista, the online gaming industry across India was valued at around INR 76 billion in the year 2020, marking a jump from about 65 billion rupees in the previous year. The sector was expected to value over 155 billion rupees by the year 2023, pointing to the booming growth of around 27 percent.

Game is one such industry that is booming at the compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 12. 9%.  as per the reports of  FICCI, this industry has the fastest-growing segment for the fourth year in a row. If we talk about the global gaming industry which is foreseen of worth $256.

97 billion by 2025 and if we walk towards the Indian gaming sector then it is estimated to be valued at USD 1.89 Billion in the year 2020 And it is expected to reach USD 4.01 billion by the year 2026.  

As per Deccan Herald, More than 40000 skilled professionals are needed in the Indian gaming industry by 2022, so to meet this industry requirement, Red Apple Learning have already taken the initiative to give momentum training on game development course to the students who are aspiring to become game designers, game developers, and Animators as well. Their program will serve as a great opportunity for job aspirants.

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