Hip Injury: What is the Average Compensation For a Hip Injury in the UK 2022

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If you have suffered a Hip Injury or pelvic injury as a result of someone else’s carelessness. You want to claim for personal injury hip compensation but you are confused about average compensation for hip injury UK

In this article, you will get to know everything about hip injury, it includes what is hip injury, how to claim for a hip injury, average compensation for hip injury Uk, and other things related to hip injury compensation.

Hip Injury Compensation Claim 

Hip Injury
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Your hips are made up of the bone component known as the pelvis or pelvic girdle. This bone joins your legs to the skeletal framework of your upper body, allowing you to freely move your legs via a ball and socket joint.

Hips are an important bone structure that can be damaged, causing significant discomfort and dysfunction.

You may be entitled to file a hip injury compensation claim for the pain and suffering you’ve had, as well as the financial costs you’ve incurred, if your hips were damaged as a consequence of an accident, a criminal act of assault, or medical negligence.

Accidents that Commonly Result in Broken Hip Injuries

Different accidents can cause Hip injury 

Slip, fall, Trip at Public Place

People slip, trip, and fall at workplaces every day, and while it may be embarrassing, many of these mistakes have serious consequences, including broken bones. In the great majority of situations, these events might have been avoided if proper safety procedures and rules had been followed. As a consequence of your injuries, you may be qualified to submit a claim for compensation if you broke your hip in a public place.

Workplace Accident

Workplace Accident
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It is the responsibility of your organization to keep your workplace as safe as possible. Your employer is responsible for providing proper training and ensuring that safety measures are in place to keep you safe at work. Workplace accidents, on the other hand, do occur. 

You may be able to launch a claim against your employer if you suffer a broken hip at work or any other type of hip injury as a result of your company’s failure to provide sufficient training or protection. 

Sport Accident 

Many sports-related events, such as hip injuries, can result in catastrophic damage. You may have been hurt by damaged parts or badly maintained fields or grounds. 

You could have been hurt by an inappropriate tackle that led you to fall over and shatter or fracture your hip. You may be entitled to compensation if you broke your hip while engaging in a sporting event.

Average Compensation For Hip Injury Uk

The average compensation for a hip injury in the UK depends on the type of injury you are facing.

Broken Hip Injury 

The average compensation for hip injury is £9000-£3900.

A broken hip is another term for a hip fracture. A shattered or fractured pelvis occurs when the bone in your pelvis is damaged or cracked. 

The severity of the injury, whether surgery is required, and if it has left you permanently incapacitated influence the amount of compensation you can receive for a hip fracture. In the elderly with frail bones, falls are especially likely to result in hip fractures.

Soft Tissue Hip Injury

If you suffer soft-tissue hip injuries in a slip or fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation ranging from £3,000 to £9,000.

Soft tissue hip injuries usually recover within one year. Hip injuries that persist for more than one year and result in some type of permanent damage are classed as moderate or severe.

Compensation payments for moderate and severe hip injuries will be greater than the sums shown in the brackets. Hip injuries can also occur as a result of car accidents or slip, trip, and fall occurrences.

Fracture-Dislocations of The Pelvis

For significant fracture-dislocations of the pelvis in vehicle accidents, you might be paid between £30,000 and £99,000 in compensation.

Both a fracture and a dislocation occur in a fractured dislocation. Disk herniation, irreversible incapacity, and hip deformity can all result from serious pelvic fracture-dislocations. 

This damage will very certainly need major surgical repair or hip replacement surgery. In the most extreme cases, when the spinal cord or spinal nerves are affected, major surgery, such as surgical therapy, will be conducted.

How Compensation Is Helpful?

A hip or pelvic injury can be life-altering, requiring weeks or months of restricted movement, medical assistance, and discomfort. Making a claim can help you get compensation for your pain and suffering, as well as reimburse you for the costs you’ve received as a result of your injury. 

The compensation that your solicitor can help you get can include:

  • Your home’s equipment and alterations
  • Costs of transportation.
  • Expert medical treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Future Earing Lost 


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