How Do Scammers Hide Malware in Image Metadata 2022

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How Do Scammers Hide Malware The world has certainly gone dangerous all over, especially in terms of the internet throwing phishing attempts, scamming and even simple browsing on the server may be very risky. It is true that malware keeps lurking everywhere around and is strong enough to put you in a problematic situation. But what is this about hiding malware in image metadata? Is it even believable?

Not for many of us, for sure.

Hidden Malware In Metadata

How Do Scammers Hide Malware
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There have been certain reports which show Trojan profile pictures on accounts of Slack, Discord, Steam, and other accounts. They are all hidden dangerous code in which the picture acts as a vessel and conveys the malware easily. Such attacks are able to reach the users even though the most secured channels are via metadata.

If we look at it deeply then we will find out that pictures on the internet are equally dangerous in terms of spreading malware. Cybercriminals can easily mount a user’s profile pictures nowadays without letting the authorities know. Now imagine how tough it is to locate the picture. One has to search every single image which is uploaded to a server.

Images are definitely not easy to be found out, even if there is the use of analysis software or any other metadata viewer. Someone who is an average internet user doesn’t have much idea about it and is liable to get into the trap very easily. So the best option is to keep a distance from this malware.

How To Keep A Distance From Metadata Malware?

In order to maintain a safe distance and avoid intrusion of any malware, follow the below-mentioned steps for sure.

1. Avoiding The Download Of Any Suspicious File

If you are not sure about some file and it even seems a little suspicious, just do not download it in a rush. Moreover, if there is an email that is sent by someone whom you don’t know and has an attachment to, avoid clicking it strictly.

You are safe as long as you do not copy the execution software which goes along with the images on the computer. Also, check out what is discord malware and how to remove it properly from your computer.

2. Avoid Entering Personal Information On Devices

Anything and everything you put on the internet is recorded and can be fetched by any hacker for malicious purposes. Your email address, PIN number, home address, credit card number, social security number, username for different accounts, passwords, and much more could be revealed to the hacker every time you log in or type them.

3. Buy Right Antivirus Software

Having the right antivirus software in your system creates a safe boundary wall between your computer and hackers out there. Even if the malware is hidden behind the image metadata then also you can easily dodge the entrance of the virus from your computer. If you wish to seek a good antivirus solution then let us help you.

  • Systweak Antivirus: With a smart backup of strong algorithms, this antivirus keeps your device protected from virus, malware and ransomware threats. Get ready for real time protection and clean out all the unwanted startup items so that the space is saved.
  • Norton 360 Deluxe: Get unlimited VPN access and password manager along with this antivirus software. Norton 360 also provides different levels of ID protection for complete security and privacy to the user. It even provides users a good 50 GB of online storage side by side.
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus: Another accurate and reliable antivirus, it comes as a whole package with a spam filter, firewall, password manager, VPN and parental controls. Thanks to webcam protection which is utmost necessary for today’s generation.
  • Kaspersky Antivirus: Having an entire security suite in your lap, Kaspersky is really good at finding malicious content hidden inside your computer. There is web filtering, fastest threat removal, and super smart technology to locate the virus. It even offers real time protection against all the viruses and protects from phishing attempts successfully.
  • Avast Pro: From disk cleaning to overall PC enhancement while keeping your system protected from viruses, Avast Pro is one of the best antivirus solutions. It offers internet security features to help blocking trackers, extension protection, blocking ads and dodging phishing attempts.

Wrap Up

We hope that you have learned better than scammers can even hide malware in image metadata and may try to intrude in your computer through image clicking.

This is definitely scary in today’s world but it is true that you can keep them all sidelined with your awareness, care towards clicking any phishing emails, dodging off attempts made by hackers and be very serious about entering your email, PIN, or any other personal information on the internet.

Moreover, which antivirus would you like to keep in your system? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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