How Much Do Truck Drivers Make in 2022

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They spend their lives “on the road”, they love good food, large engines, and CB radios. We are talking about the truck drivers; tireless truck drivers who transport goods of all kinds throughout Italy and the world.

If you also share these passions and would like to pursue a career as a truck driver, you may be interested in the information contained in this article. We will explain everything you need to know about the fascinating profession of truck drivers: how much you earn on average, how to make more money, and how to become a professional truck driver. To know more must check out zikrainfohub

How Much Does a Truck Driver Earn

One of the most important pieces of information to better guide your career in the world of trucks is linked to earnings, which vary according to several factors to be carefully evaluated in order to make the right decisions. The following list will help you examine the main factors that affect a truck driver’s salary.

How Much Do Truck Drivers Make
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Chief among all the factors that determine the salary you will earn as a truck driver is an experience. In fact, you will be contractually framed in the National Collective Agreement (National Collective Agreement) of the Logistics, Transport, and Shipping sector. According to the terms established by this contract, For more information visit the site the salary of a truck driver ranges from a minimum of € 1,330 for truck drivers of the 6th Junior level, up to a maximum of € 1,750 for truck drivers classified in the 3rd Super level.

This means that, as a novice or inexperienced truck driver, you can earn up to € 1,450 net per month, which will rise to € 1,750 over the years. To be classified in the 3rd Super level it takes an average of four to nine years.

The levels

Below you will find the list of levels and their salaries:

  • Level 3 Super salary of € 1,750
  • 3rd level salary of € 1,702
  • 4th level salary of € 1,620
  • 4th Junior level salary of € 1,577
  • 5th level salary of € 1,544
  • 6th level salary of € 1,443
  • 6th level Junior salary of € 1,328

The routes

Another important factor that determines the profit of truckers is the type of route that one is willing to cover. Short journeys and domestic journeys correspond to lower wages than international journeys, which tend to be paid better. Generally speaking, truck drivers working on domestic routes earn € 1,700 – € 1,800 net per month; those who work on international routes earn up to € 2,900 per month.

How does a truck driver make more money?

Those who work as truck drivers have the opportunity to aspire to higher pay levels by specializing in various ways. Below you can learn more about some of them.

Obtaining the ADR license

The ADR license is a special document that is added to the truck license. It allows you to drive vehicles carrying dangerous loads, in compliance with European regulations for the transport of these goods on international routes. More specifically, there are four different types of ADR licenses:

  • Basic Course – achievement of the ADR type B license;
  • Cistern Course – achievement of the ADR type A license;
  • Transport of explosives – achievement of the B + license;
  • Transport of radioactive substances – achievement of the type B + license.

After registering for one of these courses at the Motorization Office, you will need to demonstrate your knowledge of dangerous goods wheeled transport by passing an exam in the form of a written quiz. If you succeed, your salary could even reach € 1,900 net per month.

Becoming a master

The owner is that hauler who has invested in his own means of transport, becoming in effect a sort of freelance truck driver. Considering that in Italy (and in Europe) most of the goods are transported by road, becoming a master can be an excellent choice from an economic point of view.

However, you will need to buy your truck, have good entrepreneurial skills, and be ready to work many hours a day. You will also have to prepare yourself for stiff competition from other trucking companies. To get a clear idea of ​​minimum wages and help you determine your freelance compensation, you can consider the following list:

  • National salary of 1,400 €
  • International salaries of € 2,500
  • Driving license C – the start of career salary of € 1,300
  • Driving license C – with experience salary of € 1,700
  • ADR license, the salary of € 1,900
  • Travel abroad (occasional) with a salary of € 2,100

What are the typical duties of truck drivers?

The truck driver’s main job is to drive the truck so that the goods he is transporting arrive at their destination safely and on time, but that’s not all. As a truck driver, in fact, you will also take care of:

supervise the loading and unloading phases of the goods;

  • Fill in the transport documents;
  • Monitor the state of the load;
  • Plan standard itineraries, alternative itineraries, and timelines;
  • Keep the vehicle in perfect mechanical condition;
  • Manage fuel usage.

Skills and competencies of truck drivers

To work as a truck driver, you will need to have a specific set of skills, many of which will be acquired during your qualification courses and over the years as you gain experience.


Among the main skills that can be acquired during the course for the C and CQC license (Driver Qualification Card), and which are indispensable for those who want to carry out this profession, we find:

  • Knowing how to manage the limitations of visibility due to the size of the truck;
  • Knowing how to manage the “sail” effect, ie the impact of winds on vehicle stability;
  • Knowing how to use the tachograph;
  • Knowing how to manage accident situations;
  • Knowing how to manage to overtake;
  • Knowing how to best use the braking systems;
  • Knowing how to interpret and use maps and road maps;
  • Know the current rules of the highway code;

Respect the hours of rest;

Know the regulations that are in force in terms of environmental contamination, whether they are related to polluting emissions, noise, or others.

Quality and skill

In addition to these skills, Also visit which can be acquired during training or directly in the field, you will be required to have innate skills:

  • Great physical endurance;
  • Good dexterity and mechanical ability;
  • Prudence and discipline;
  • Excellent ability to concentrate;
  • Excellent reflexes;
  • Problem-solving skills ;
  • Ability to take night shifts;
  • Flexibility;
  • Resilience.

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