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Most MacBook users face the problem of low disk storage spaces. Space Mac If you want to free up space on your drive manually then it will be time-consuming. Do you know that you can also free up space in your Mac by doing a simple and less time-consuming method?

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with the best methods to free up space on Mac. We are sure that the performance of your Mac will be enhanced multiple times if you follow the given ways to free up space in the Mac.

How to Check Storage Space

You must know how much storage of your Mac is occupied by files. To check the storage status of your Mac:- click on the apple Manu then choose about this Mac then the storage option. Now you can see a different bar and segment which represents the storage status of your device. Click on any bar or segment to get more information.

How to Free Up Space Mac

There are multiple ways to clear disk space on Mac. In this article, we will provide only those methods which are highly efficient and less time-consuming for you. So let’s discuss them.

1. Optimization of storage via tools:-

Apple provides you with a management tool that will help you to deal with storage issues. To open this tool click on the Mac from the Apple menu. Then choose storage options>Manage. Click on the store I cloud option and select the large-sized files. By using this method you can clear up to 5GB of storage space without any cost.

If you want to store more than 5GB or explore some sophisticated features of the store in iCloud then you have to buy a premium for this.

Space Mac
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2. Uninstall unnecessary applications from the device:- 

There are a lot of unnecessary applications on your Mac that consume a lot of storage space on your device. So you must remove such a kind of application to improve the performance of the Mac. To delete unnecessary applications from Mac follow these steps:-

  • Open the Finder on your Mac and click on the application option.
  • Select any unnecessary application and drag it to the trash.
  • clear the trash.
Uninstall unnecessary applications from the device
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3. Find and Delete the duplicate files from devices:

A large number of duplicate files are found in devices which can reduce their performance by occupying huge storage space. So it’s necessary to delete them. It’s not easy to find a duplicate file from Mac. You have to use any duplicate file finder for mac such as Mackeeper in your Mac.

Find and Delete the duplicate files from devices
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4. Remove language files:-

Mac comes with multiple language files which consume a significant portion of your device. Generally, you just need to use only one or two languages. So it’s a good idea for a Mac user to delete other language files which are not in use.

This will also free up space in your Mac to a great extent and the performance of the Mac will be improved. There are a lot of tools available to delete these files but we will suggest you use a monolingual application.

Remove language files
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5. Delete big attachments in Mac mail:-

If you are using a Mac email account for a long time then there are high chances that many large email attachments can be stored on your device and reduce disk space. To deal with the issue you need to follow these steps:-

1. Change the mail settings so that attachments can’t download automatically. If you are using Gmail on your Mac then you have an option to put a limit on how many messages can be synced.

2. Mail>preferences>account>account information>Download attachment.  Choose recent or none from

account information
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There is another method to delete mail attachments.

  • Open mail and select the attachments from the folder.
  • Sort them as big to small size files.
  • Click on the message and then remove the attachment from the menu. You can also repeat this step multiple times.
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You can also use the clean my mac tool to deal with issues. It will delete email attachments in very little time.

6. Clean up the download folder:-

Usually, the Download folder contains many huge files which aren’t good for the performance of our device. So it’s necessary to delete these files. To delete such files you have to open the finder on your device. Sort the files from big to small-sized files. Now you can delete any huge file.

Clean up the download folder
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Less storage space has always been a nightmare for Mac users. At present time you shouldn’t worry about this issue much because there are a lot of tools and methods to deal with storage issues. In this article, we provide you with some easy and less time-consuming methods to free up space on your Mac.

We will suggest you use my Mac cleaner app for improving the performance as well as space in your Mac. Thanks.

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