Javascript: Top 10 Important Uses of Javascript

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Javascript is used to create interchanged web applications. It is one of the three fundamental technologies that power web applications. Javascript can power features like interchangeable images and forms.

This language can be used for back-end frameworks like Node.js to power the mechanics after a web page, such as paper processing and payments. Ahead you start learning to code using Javascript; you must comprehend its potential uses of javascript.

They will give you a good feel of whether learning Javascript is a good investment for you, given your long-term career goals and aspirations. In this blog, we’ll discuss the essential uses of Javascript.

Let’s begin,

What is Javascript?

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Javascript is a script-based programming language used both on the client-side and server-side to create interactive web pages. HTML and CSS are languages that provide structure and style to web pages; Javascript gives web pages interactive elements that employ a user. Examples of Javascript that you use daily include Amazon’s search box, refreshing your Twitter feed, etc.

Uses of Javascript

Uses of Javascript
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1. Web development

Javascript is a client-based language that is used for making web pages. It is used a webpage is to be made dynamic and add unique effects on pages like rollover, rollout, and many types of graphics.

All websites mostly use it for validation. It keeps external applications like PDF documents, running widgets, supporting flash applications, etc. It can also load content into a document whenever the user requires it without reloading the entire page.

2. Web applications

To create powerful applications, you have required Technology browsers and personal computers to improve to the extent Javasrpt uses application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide extra powers to the code.

When a user explores a map in Google Maps, then the user needs to click and drag the mouse. All the detailed view is observable with just a click. It interacts with the browser without sending a message to and fro to the servers.

3. Presentations

Javascript also offers the facility of creating presentations as a website. Javascript provides RevealJS and BespokeJS libraries to build a web-based slide deck. Reveal.js is used to develop interchanged and beautiful slide decks with the help of HTML. This presentation work with mobile devices and tablets.

It also supports all of the CSS color formats. The Bespoke.js includes an animated bullet list, responsive scaling, and a wide variety of features.

4. Web servers

A web server is created by using Node.js. The servers created using Node.js are fast and don’t use buffering and transfer chunks of data. Node.js is event-driven and does not wait for the response of the previous call. The HTTP module is used to create the server using the createServer() method. The HTTP server should display HTML and be included in the HTTP header.

5. Games

The variety of Javascript and HTML5 makes Javasrpt popular in game development.  It provides the ease js library, which offers easy solutions for working with rich graphics.  The uses of javascript also help develop and create games for a time-out.  It also has a standard API for all-flash developers with a hierarchical display list. 

A user can create a stage and render the display list to its target canvas.  Ease JS also has 2D bitmaps named sprites pulled directly to develop the target for transformations.

6. Art

Javascript using HTML5 for drawing graphics on a webpage has become more affordable. All two or three-dimensional shapes can be easily pulled on a canvas, which has opened the browser as a unique medium for all different digital art projects. A canvas has no border and content and lets the user form his art. 

7. Mobile applications

The use of Javascript is to structure applications without web contexts. Mobiles are available in Apple and Android are two different languages are used to build these. It should be likely written once and used on both platforms of these devices. PhoneGap is the framework that facilitates. It is a prominent player in cross-platform changes and deployments.

8. Smartwatches

Javascript is the most used language because it is used in all possible devices and applications. Uses of Javascript delivers library Pebble JS which is used in smartwatch applications. This framework works for applications that need the internet for its functioning. Using Pebbles allows a developer to build an application for several watches using javascript.

9. Flying Robots

You can use Javascript to program flying robots. Javascript is the most user-friendly programming language globally, with a wide range of capabilities. Node.js is installed on many commercially available robots, some of which come with a simple operating system. It is encouraging to see that it generates such a diverse set of applications.

10. Server applications

A server-side application component is present in a vast number of web applications. To develop content and process HTTP requests, Javascript is employed. Node.js allows Javascript to execute on servers. Node.js delivers a server-side environment with all the tools required for Javascript to run.

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In this blog, we discussed the complete details of the uses of javascript. Javascript can be utilized in several different ways. It can bring dynamic web pages as a client scripting language.

It’s a deal for creating web apps because it communicates directly with browsers. It can build remarkable web servers when connected with the NodeJS framework, and its other framework can be utilized to make mobile apps. Hopefully, you understand all uses of javascript, and you can answer anyone who asks what the uses of Javascript are in the future.

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