KheerGanga Trek: A Perfect Detailed Guide 2021-22

One of the well-renowned destinations in Himachal Pradesh, is the KheerGanga Trek which is located at an altitude of about 2950 m. Located at the depths of the Parvati Valley, the history of

KheerGanga Trek

KheerGanga dates back to thousands of years when it was the abode of Lord Shiva. Even it serves as a bundle of memorable experiences for the trekkers.

Yet the temperature varies throughout the year according to the seasons with the extremely cold winters with the glittering snow-capped landscapes resembling a wonderland during the winters. While the day temperature can rise up to 26 degrees during the summers. 

The trekkers can choose to trek at any time of the year according to their preferences. 

A short, yet easier trek, which even beginners can undertake. A total distance of 24 km is covered with gentle terrain, though it gets steeper in some parts and the duration is short within 2 days.

One of the most recommended treks, also known as nature’s paradise, is the Parvati valley that takes you through the amazing scenic views all around.

The magnificent landscape of Himachal Pradesh gives you some beautiful insights into nature and its natural surroundings. There are a few wooden bridges and some slippery parts.

During this part of the trek, you can treat your eyes to many picturesque views and not forget to take amazing photographs of these breathtaking views.

The KheerGanga Trek is very rewarding as compared to the other treks as it offers a traveler- panoramic views, little camps, hilly vegetation, the stunning starlit skies worthy for photography by the night. There can be found the natural sulphur hot water springs where you can take a relaxing dip after a long tiring day to feel at ease.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience to relax in a hot spring while admiring the spectacular views of snow-capped peaks that will leave imprints on your mind forever. You can enjoy the chilly night amidst the mighty snow-covered mountains.

You can get yourself covered up with what you have missed on the second day of your journey back to Kasol. This trek falls under the category of easy level; therefore it can be accessed by almost anyone with some preparation beforehand.

You can say, the panoramic skies and the vast expanse of greenery are a much-needed delight to the trekker’s eyes. KheerGanga is also known to be the last inhabited village that lies at the extreme end of the Parvati valley.

It brings an unusual sense of relief and satisfaction  through the lush green meadows and to the trekkers who get to traverse

How to trek and reach  KheerGanga?

KheerGanga Trek
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You need to reach Bhuntar from the national capital Delhi, by bus or car according to your choice. A confluence of the two rivers, Parvati and Beas which meet at the point is known as Bhuntar.

Then you have to take a bus from Bhuntar to a place called Barshaini, the last motorable roadway in the Parvati Valley. This all takes a day. You can either stay put up at Barshaini or start your trek to KheerGanga Trek.

Trek to KheerGanga (KheerGanga Trek)

There are 3 trekking routes to KheerGanga and the distance is about 9-10 km from Barshaini and takes about 3-4 hours due to the rugged features and elevated cliffs.

  • You have to walk through the bridge after Barshaini and take a sharp left turn, and ask the passersby about the way to KheerGanga Trek. The shortest and most preferred route takes probably 3-4 hours for a person and is chosen by the average trekkers This way just lies to the left side of Parvati river.
  • You can take a right turn and trek up to the Kalga village and it joins the main trek route halfway on the trek. You have to walk through the dense forests and you can get lost, so most people avoid this route.
  • There is also a route through the Tosh village. Mostly used by the trekkers or travellers who do a night stay at Tosh itself. This joins Parvati river near Pulga.

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