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Welcome to Law and Order SVU Fanfiction! Home of the world’s most popular crossover fanfiction archive. Here you’ll find more than 156 stories involving the Law and Order SVU: Special Victims Unit TV show, where law enforcement officers investigate crimes that involve sexual assault.

Introduction to the Law and Order SVU Fanfiction

Welcome to the world of Law and Order SVU fanfiction! This beloved television show has been on the air for over 20 years, and its passionate fanbase has been writing fanfiction for just as long. Whether you’re a diehard fan looking for new stories to sink your teeth into, or a first-timer curious about the fuss, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will give you a crash course in all things Law and Order SVU fanfiction. We’ll start with a brief overview of the show and a rundown of some of the most popular fanfic genres. We’ll also provide some tips on where to find the best SVU fanfic stories out there. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit premiered on NBC in September 1999. The brainchild of prolific television producer Dick Wolf, SVU was initially meant to be a spin-off of another one of his hit shows, Law and Order. But while it shares DNA with its predecessor, SVU quickly carved out its unique identity within the procedural crime genre.

The show follows an elite team of detectives in the New York City Police Department’s Special Victims Unit investigating crimes involving sexual assault, child abuse, and other heinous offenses. Led by Lt. Olivia Benson (played by Mariska Hargitay), the SVU team is known for their compassion and

Who is Olivia?

Law and Order SVU Fanfiction
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In the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fandom, Olivia is a popular character to write fan fiction about. She is strong, independent, and fiercely dedicated to her job as a detective in the Manhattan Special Victims Unit. Olivia’s complicated past often comes into play in fan fiction stories, making her an intriguing and multifaceted character to write about.

What is Olivia’s job as a detective?

Olivia is a detective for the New York City Police Department’s Special Victims Unit. She investigates sex crimes and crimes against children.

Who are some of the recurring characters on Law and Order SVU?

There are a few recurring characters on Law and Order SVU that fans have come to love. Some of these characters include:

  • Elliot Stabler: A former NYPD detective who worked in the Special Victims Unit for 12 years. He is a tough, no-nonsense cop with a soft spot for victims of sexual abuse.
  • Olivia Benson: The current captain of the SVU. She is a compassionate and dedicated police officer who has seen the effects of sexual violence firsthand.
  • Dr. George Huang: A forensic psychologist who works with the SVU. He can often provide insight into offenders’ minds and help the team solve cases.
  • ADA Rafael Barba: The prosecuting attorney who works with the SVU. He is tough but fair and always puts the victim’s needs first.

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For all the fans of Law and Order SVU out there, fanfiction is a great way to get your fix when there’s no new episode on TV. Whether you’re looking for something to read during a break at work or you want to escape into another world for a few hours, fanfiction offers something for everyone. With so many stories to choose from, you’re sure to find one you’ll love. So what are you waiting for? Start reading today!

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