What is Medical Billing? 2022

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The medical billing system is a payment receiving practice or process within the U.S

healthcare system. The process involves a healthcare professional obtaining information

about a patient’s insurance, submitting a claim, following up, and calling on health insurance

companies to receive payment for services rendered; such as tests, treatments, and procedures. The same process is used for most insurance companies, whether private

companies or government-sponsored programs: medical coding indicates diagnosis and

treatment, and prices are applied accordingly. To become certified by passing an exam like

Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS) Exam, Registered Health Information

Administrator (RHIA) exam, Certified Professional Billing (CPB) exam, and others, are not

required by law but medical billers are encouraged. Certification institute aims to provide a

theoretical foundation for students entering the field of medical billing services. Some community colleges in the United States offer certificates, and even associate degrees, in the field of Medical Billing. Those looking to advance may be trained in medical coding, transcription, or auditing, and may earn a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree in medical information science and technology.

Engaged medical practices must balance a high standard of patient care with performing the

administrative duties necessary to keep the doors open.

Medical billing can be time-consuming. It can also be difficult to find and train people to

handle this crucial task. In addition, if requests are processed slowly or incorrectly, they can

have a negative impact on the revenue in your case.

This is why many companies turn to third-party medical billing companies for claims


Medical Billing Services

Medical billing services that are independent, are used to process, submit and track health

insurance claims to save staff time.

These companies employ specially trained staff who know the individual payers and can

work within the specific policies of each company to achieve a higher level of payment in a shorter period promptly.

Our medical billing company can also follow up on rejected claims and pursue overdue


Outsourcing Billing Service:

Our company’s expert employees of medical billing work with providers nationwide to

reduce billing stress and, most importantly, increase cash flow. Our leadership team

collectively has decades of experience in managing the revenue cycle of practices across

different specialties.

Medical Practices Outsourced Medical Billing Services

Most importantly, the use of companies Third-party medical billing can reduce overall stress

levels for practices related to billing complications.

At 99MGMT in particular, our customers benefit from the following advantages:

● Customer credits are generally pending for less than 30 days.

● Overdue balances beyond 90 days are generally less than 10%.

● One of the lowest bad debt rates in the industry.

We also update providers with information on national, regional, and local pricing trends so

you can make timely rate changes to keep your practice in line with that of others.

Medical Billing Company

Our professional billing staff receives personalized training, which enables them to work

more effectively with individual payers, to comply with the rules and policies of each


With the knowledge of what each payer needs to obtain the fast and maximum

reimbursement for your services, we can achieve the highest possible collection rate.

Complaints Filing and Handling

99MGMT handles the filing and handling of complaints so you can focus on your patients.

Although we require our medical clients to do their harm Independent medical billing services coding, certified coders exist to answer specific coding questions, identify rejection trends, and assist with the call logic to recover payment for claims when the refusals were inappropriate or if they are outside of standard billing practices and Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) guidelines.

We focus on training staff to ensure timely entry of charges, adherence to coding, and prompt handling of complaints, thereby improving the payment process. The high debt collection rate is the result of teamwork between billing office staff and medical office staff. This relationship allows us to achieve superior results.

medical billing
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Medical Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services

Our Medical Revenue Services keep you up to date with patient bills, appointments, and

complaint handling. Means of that you will be paid by the insurance companies as soon as

possible. Our experience with submitting claims means that all forms are submitted correctly

the first time, on time. With minimal errors, the revenue cycle is streamlined and patient

accounts are managed efficiently.

Rate Analysis

With years of experience working directly with physician offices, insurance companies, and

API organizations, 99MGMT can quickly perform medical rate analysis for your practice.

Plus, our annual research and comparison of national, state and local taxes give you the

flexibility to change rates in a timely manner to ensure maximum reimbursement.

The benefits of working with medical billing outsourcing companies include:

● Reduced costs per patient

● Increased profitability

Resources to reduce costs

We offer a full range of management services for your medical practice. Our services range

from front office services to medical billing management, medical degrees, and effective

credit management. We have developed a delivery model that combines onshore and offshore medical billing services to provide our customers with a cutting-edge, yet low-cost solution. We have two goals when collaborating in a study: to increase cost-effectiveness (without necessarily increasing patient flow) and to allow more patient attention within the study.

Collaboration to Increase Profitability

The resources and experience of our company make a difference in your bottom line by

helping you reduce costs by up to 15% and increase revenue. Through the services we

provide to our partners, we can free up time for office staff and physicians to help them focus

on patient care.

Our company allows you to reduce your credits exponentially, increase your patient base,

improve your collections and at the same time significantly reduce your personnel costs. We

act as part of your office, working with your staff every day to keep things running smoothly.

The recent upheaval in the health care system has created a demand for management services for Accountable Care Organizations (OACs). With the growing emphasis on preventative care and care coordination, ACOs need the right tools and the right partnership to streamline their operations and achieve shared savings.

Our Company is at the forefront of providing solutions and services to ACOs. In

collaboration with ACOs, we provide services related to the coordination of support,

management of ancillary services, and quality initiatives. Additionally, we offer you,

governance models, to build and sustain accountable support organizations.

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