The best girl-friendly men’s cologne 2022

men's cologne
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men’s cologne

Have you ever been attracted to the scent of a gentleman’s perfume and cologne and you want to know what kind of men’s cologne did that gentleman use that you are so drunk and have been affected by this pleasant scent? 

In addition to antiperspirant sprays and deodorants, many men need to use the most fragrant and best men’s cologne to make their bodies more fragrant, especially when interacting with others. 

It has also happened that the men’s cologne used by a man not only did not attract women but also made the woman run away because of the pungent smell and the fact that the scent was not compatible with the man’s body. 

The opposite is also true. Therefore, the compatibility of perfume with body odor can be a key point in choosing men’s perfume and cologne.  Be considered. 

In this article, we are going to address this issue and introduce some very fragrant men’s colognes that have been able to win the competition among other men’s colognes and fascinate women.

The reason for the difference in the smell of perfume on different bodies

As a gentleman, you may spend a lot of money to buy men’s perfume and cologne to buy the most fragrant perfume on the market that you have seen and heard of advertisements, maybe your friend has used cologne that impresses you with its pleasant and lasting scent Data and you have decided to buy it; 

But when you use it on your body, you see that it does not smell very happy and you are tired of it. This is exactly the important point. Each person’s body has unique chemical properties and structures that can affect perfume. 

Therefore, we suggest you test the perfume on your body before buying it and let it pass for a short time, after this, you can feel whether this perfume will be as fragrant for you as you expect or not. 

But what does this matter? We will deal with it more in the following.


Research has shown that there is a factor in the body’s chemical structure called a hormone that can affect the scent of perfumes. 

Pheromones, known as sexual odors, are produced by all animals. This trait is also present in humans and can affect the physiological behavior of others. 

The pheromones in our body are located in parts of the neck and stimulate sexual feelings, the same factor that can act in a way that a woman is attracted to your smell. 

If the men’s cologne you buy is not compatible with the structure of your body’s pheromones; It can’t give the other person the feeling you want. So, it is better to buy a cologne that, as the saying goes, sits on your body.

  • The smell of body sweat
men's cologne sweat
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The best girl-friendly men’s cologne

Undoubtedly, the body sweats during the day and with daily activities. Some sweat less and some more, the smell of some men’s sweat is pungent and some are not. 

This also depends on the physical structure of each person. So the smell of sweat also affects the perfume and cologne and may not meet your expectations of the perfume you bought. 

So, since a men’s cologne may have different smells and results on the body of two people, when choosing and buying perfume, in addition to paying attention to advertisements, etc., try to choose a product that fits the structure of your body.

Men’s cologne Creed Avntvs Creed Aventus

Undoubtedly, Ontus men’s cologne, which is produced by CREED company, can be called one of the best men’s perfumes and colognes, and of course, it is expensive. 

This perfume, produced by the Royal Creed brand, is one of the best-selling colognes of this brand. Many celebrities, Hollywood actors, and professional athletes like this perfume as one of the most attractive and special colognes. 

The scent of this men’s cologne is composed of sweet and woody essential oils and pineapple, birch and musk, amber, okumus and vanilla essential oils. 

This men’s cologne has a very strong and elegant scent and due to its high durability, it can be considered a girl-friendly perfume. Therefore, men can use this very fragrant perfume for all seasons and at any time of the day or night.

Dior Homme Intense Dior Homme Intense 

The Dior Home Intense men’s cologne that we decided to introduce to you has a very pleasant fragrance with very high durability. This cologne is made by Dior France and has a warm and attractive scent. 

Dior brand has produced this cologne for difficult men. The essential oils used in this perfume are combined in such a way that they can be very stimulating to attract women. 

The essential oil of lavender flowers, lily of the valley along with vanilla and musk, also in combination with the essential oils of wheezing and cedar, has created an intoxicating scent that can enchant any woman. 

If you are looking to buy men’s cologne at a reasonable price, this cologne is a good option.

The best girl-friendly men's cologne
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The best girl-friendly men’s cologne

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