Microsoft Stream: Enterprise social media with Office 365 -2022

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Microsoft Stream: Videos support the transfer of information and transport emotions. The third part of our “Social Media in Business” series is about Microsoft Stream. Be inspired and discover numerous application scenarios for the company’s internal video service based on practical examples.

Microsoft Stream compared to public video portals

Microsoft Stream
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In their private lives, users regularly use social media video services such as YouTube or Vimeo to obtain information and further education. Microsoft Stream is the equivalent for securely delivering video clips across the enterprise. The video platform is part of your Office 365 Enterprise license, exploit the potential now.

How we use the enterprise video portal Stream at Net at Work

Microsoft Stream
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Stream simplifies the process of uploading, organizing, and sharing video content across the enterprise. We at Net at Work use the video service for on-demand events as an information and learning video portal.

No more loss of information due to missed events

Net at Work regularly organizes internal stand-up meetings for the cross-departmental dissemination of information and the presentation of company news. Microsoft Stream makes it possible to create these live events, record them automatically and make them available anywhere and anytime. Employees call up the recording of a missed standup meeting on the video portal at a time they choose. This ensures that important company news is disseminated.

Flexible knowledge transfer thanks to the webcast recording

Our webinars support companies in digital communication and collaboration. We then make the recording of the webcasts available internally as a streaming video. Consequently, the video portal makes an important contribution to the flexible transfer of knowledge within the organization.

Company’s own learning portal for tried and tested change management

With Microsoft Stream, we also offer employees a learning platform for company-related topics. Our change management team accompanied our change from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams last year with short training videos, among other things. The so-called “learning nuggets” in the social media video service accelerate the routine use of the new software and increase user acceptance.

Play podcast with stream anytime, anywhere

Our in-house Net at Work podcast is also available via Microsoft Stream. Whether on the way to work, to the customer, or during the lunch break, the time and location-independent availability of the podcast creates added value in everyday working life.

The Microsoft Stream interface at a glance

Microsoft Stream is offered as a web application at, as an iOS and Android app. Comprehensive device- and location-independent access is therefore ensured. In addition, the Teams app “Stream” is used for direct integration into the teamwork tool.

Alternatively, the preferred stream video channel can also be inserted into the desired team as a tab. Member permissions are the same in Teams and Stream groups, making it easier to share videos and consequently collaborate.

Social media interaction options in Microsoft Stream

Companies benefit from the interaction possibilities of social media, direct feedback on content supports collaboration and exchange. The usual social media options like, comment or share are available under each streaming video. With Stream, you can also share a specified section in addition to the entire video.

To do this, select the desired start time, and the video service will automatically generate a link from this. Stream also provides the appropriate HTML code for embedding and playing a video in Yammer or SharePoint. Adding a video to the personal watchlist also makes it possible to save content for a later date.

Find Microsoft Stream videos quickly with filter options

Select the “Discover” menu item or the search bar to search for specific topics, people, groups, or channels. The results can then be sorted by name, relevance, trends, publication date, views, and number of likes. This increases the relevance of the results.

Record screen with Microsoft Stream web version

Screen recording can aid in corporate communication, teaching, and learning. Choose any window or your screen to record, add a microphone or use your webcam for a personal touch. The only requirement is the latest version of the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome web browser.

Upload new Microsoft Stream video

Every employee in the company has permission to upload a Microsoft Stream video. This supports knowledge transfer and collaboration.

Set stream video details

After selecting a video from your computer, we recommend adding a title and a short description to make it easier to find. Timecodes serve as a table of contents and are then automatically converted by Stream into useful video jump markers. Adding hashtags groups related videos together by topic.

By selecting the video language, Stream automatically generates a transcription of the spoken Teletext for the hearing impaired and also optimizes the searchability of the video content.

Grant permissions

Permissions determine who can see your video and who has editing rights. We recommend selecting the upper checkbox to allow employees to view your video without restrictions. If necessary, use the drop-down menu to specify which groups, channels or people your video should be shown to. Added persons (groups) automatically have display authorization, you can also optionally grant editing rights.

Set up options

Then activate the comment function in the options, a timeline view of the actors, and the automatic generation of subtitles. Finally, by publishing the video, you make the content available.


advantages through the successful introduction of a stream video portal in the company Videos are among the most effective training and communication tools in the company. Recordings of events and webinars, learning videos or podcasts, the application scenarios of the medium are diverse.

Use Microsoft Stream to promote information and knowledge transfer within the company with the help of ARC office 365 consulting.

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