Most Popular Webinars | Example to Help You Enhance Your Webinar 2022

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One of the most popular formats of virtual events, webinars have been there even before the world had gotten used to the concept of virtual events. One can understand webinars as the web equivalents of seminars. In a webinar, the experts generally share knowledge or information with the audience.

A webinar or seminar is generally audience-specific, where the organizers target a particular audience. 

Both the concepts are similar in all senses, except the medium. Where regular seminars are hosted physically, the webinars require a virtual event platform. Since the medium of hosting a webinar is the internet, the organizers get to tap a wider audience. A webinar comes without any restriction that generally comes with seminars.

Here are the most prominent features of a webinar:

Most Popular Webinars
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Most Popular Webinars

They are conducted virtually.:

The most notable feature of webinars or web seminars is that they are hosted over virtual solutions using the internet. This feature of webinars allows the organizers to reach out to a broader audience. Where seminars come with a restriction of accommodating a certain number of participants, one can have as many participants as they want with webinars.

Webinars promote interaction.:

Though some still believe that the webinars and other web events don’t allow the attendees to interact with each other, they come with high-end features that enable seamless interaction between the participants. The attendees can make use of tools like Live Polls, Q&A sessions, Live Chat, and other endless engagement opportunities to communicate as well as engage with others present in the webinar.

They are informative.:

While different virtual events are hosted with different objectives and have a certain nature, the objective behind hosting a webinar is to educate the audience on a specific topic. In a webinar, the experts share information with the attendees on a certain subject. There are different formats of a webinar; but the objective of all those formats remains the same, i.e, to educate and inform the audience.

One requires webinar platforms to conduct webinars.:

Now you know that one needs the internet to host a Webinar at Events, the platform required to host one is a webinar solution. These webinar solutions allow attendees from all corners of the world to be a part of a webinar, without having to worry about physical and geographical barriers.

Not only this, the attendees get to interact with each other with the help of engagement and networking tools that a webinar software is equipped with.

Webinars make use of virtual components.:

One might assume that webinars lack tools that help the organizers to deliver content effectively. However, it is not at all true. Webinar software comes with several tools that help the hosts to deliver the content in the best possible way. They can use the screen sharing feature and include pictures, graphics, videos, and other visual elements to make the learning experience smooth and more effective.

The best webinar examples you can refer to for making your webinar stand apart:

1. Alternative Methods of Income for the Creative Industry:

The famous director and VFX artists Hugo Guerra, Jen Goldfinch, and Juan Salazar came together for the webinar hosted by the Foundry to discuss ways to make money in the creative field apart from the regular roles. In addition, the discussion revolved around the power of several other platforms for making money other than the normal ways.

2. Are Global Brands a Thing of the Past?

The regular and free webinar series by the global agency Marks, Marks Talks has a panel of experts from the global industry of branding, design, and marketing. The sessions talk about globalization. The experts talk around the topic, and without concluding anything, they discuss ins and outs of the topic. However, the webinar brings together the opinions of different experts in a very insightful and healthy way.

3. How Creativity Drives Advertising Effectiveness

Ebiquity, the famous marketing, and media agency hosted a webinar to discuss Covid’s effects on the advertising industry around the world. The distinguished panel discussed how Covid-19 has raised the crisis of creativity where the marketers are working for short-term goals instead of focusing on long-term ones. The webinar also discussed how marketers can use creativity to work on their long-term goals.

4. VFX Leaders on Adapting to Lockdown, Looking to Next Stage

Screen International’s Jeremy Kay, Fiona Walkinshaw, David Conley, and ILM’s Rob Bredow came together in the webinar about how the creative studios are planning to include some out-of-the-box ideas in their designs. Along with it, the webinar also discussed the plans the creative experts are planning for the near future.

Prominent Types of Webinars:

Educational Webinar:

The objective behind hosting educational webinars is to inform and educate the audience about a certain topic or subject. One can have keynote speakers on board, and conduct keynote sessions. Also, to make the learning process smooth, and more effective, the organizers can make use of presentations and other elements.

Product Webinar:

Organizations can conduct webinars to introduce a new product or service in the market. The hosts can use tools like screen sharing to give detailed presentations that include video, pictures, and graphics. They will help them make the audience understand your product effectively.

Several webinar services promote two-way communication, which the attendees can use to ask questions and clear doubts. The objective behind conducting such webinars is to convert leads into customers and expand the audience base.

Employee Training Webinar:

 Since the current times don’t allow the participants to gather physically, webinars come as a great alternative for companies and organizations. They use this platform to get new employees on board and conduct their training sessions.

Customer Retaining Webinar:

These webinars intend to keep your target audience retained to your brand. Brands can organize these webinars to share updates about their company with the target audience. They act as a great platform to get new customers as well as retain the existing ones.

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We hope this guide will help you have a better understanding of webinars.

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