What are the common problems faced by students in writing a narrative essay 2021-22?

Narrative essays are the most fun to compose. In your academic life, you will be asked to compose tons of narrative essays, most of which will be based on your personal life.

Some of the most common narrative essays that you will be assigned are “The best memory of your life” “Your first adventurous experience” “An event that changed your life forever”.
These essays are generally very enjoyable for creative students, but some students who rather compose an essay on facts and figures are stuck with storytelling.

But not ALL stories can be called narrative essays because essays do not have dialogues like most stories.
There are many challenges and problems a student faces when writing a narrative essay. Most students get sidetracked and miss out on the key points.

narrative essay
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narrative essay

Unclear structure

No matter what kind of essay you are composing, you need to be clear and concise with the structure. Once you decide on the topic, you need to build the structure of the essay in your mind.

Without a solid structure, you wouldn’t be able to make your points. You need to recall the event or subject in your mind and brainstorm on how you can narrate.

Since there are different ways of narrating a story, you need to determine which one you want to use for your essay. There is no way you can compose a properly constructed essay if you do not have the narration style in your head.

Thesis statement

A good thesis statement makes all the difference. Without the help of a strong statement, your essay is incomplete.

Every essay deserves a thesis statement. It is the essence of your story, summarizing and introducing your topic to the reader. The thesis statement should be added to the last paragraph of the introduction.

Adding a thesis statement can be a difficult task that’s why students usually get nursing essays or get marketing essays to help to relieve themselves of the stress.
This is the ideal place to add your thesis statement. Since it will make the most impact when you add the thesis statement at the beginning of your essay.

Can’t find a good topic

Picking a topic can be a challenge if you are not very imaginative or creative. Most students end up picking overused topics or clichéd events.

To get a topic that works well, you must search deep within your interests. The key to getting high grades in your narrative essay is by using real-life subjects or events.
You can also discuss societal issues, add your personal experiences to make the topic relatable. Your narration must be so convincing that the reader feels like a character in the story.

Maintaining a theme or moral

The biggest challenge most students face while writing an essay is maintaining the theme or moral of the story. When you create a narrative essay, your main objective is to make a moral of the story. Without it, the narrative essay is incomplete. Just as you need a thesis statement.
The flow of the narrative essay should be such that you can prove your point at the conclusion. Just like the cherry on top of a sundae.

The moral of the story can be made when you have maintained the theme of the essay in the entire essay. This way you can make an impact on the readers when you tell the moral of the story.

Contradictions in the essay

If you have contradictions and conflicts in your narrative essay, the reader will not like your content. What you want is that you maintain one tone in your essay and so as not to contradict the point you are trying to prove.

This way your essay will receive good credibility and grades. Students who cannot write these types of essays usually buy narrative essays to avoid creating material that their professors will give bad grades.

Target audience

Be aware of your audience, you need to know who you are writing for. You have to understand the mindset of the reader and create your essay in that manner.

If you do not know your audience, then the work your putting in will be counterproductive. You need to know the kind of people who will be reading your essay and then target them accordingly.

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