How Redesigning Online Attendance System | Helped a School Reduce Absenteeism 2022

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Online Attendance System Software and strategy development require a high level of coordination. Our educators and developers work with school principals and administrative heads.

The non-disclosure agreement does not allow us to spell out the names of institutions we work with. However, the blog post covers details on our approach. It highlights vital steps our educators often take for remodeling the Online attendance system.

First, here’s a quick look at the challenges faced by one of our client schools:

Online Attendance System
  • Save
  • High rate of absenteeism for online classes
  • A lack of a fool-proof automated way to mark attendance for online class participants
  • Crucial features were missing in the organization’s legacy school management system
  • A lack of parent’s involvement toward the child’s school and classroom conduct
  • A higher dropout rates
  • A significant gap in parent-teacher-student communication

Tailored online attendance system

The coronavirus pandemic forced schools to shift to e-learning and virtual classrooms. But, marking attendance for online classes was a big challenge for trainers. Thus, institutions required a solution to track students’ online academic activities and an online Attendance System.

Ignou Assignment status

What was the solution offered?

We deployed advanced attendance software that integrates with learning management systems. The online trainee attendance module automated the attendance marking task.

The school had implemented a hybrid learning model. So, we designed it to accept inputs from LMS, RFID, and biometric readers.

Also, the system generates daily attendance reports. It creates error-free records for future reference Online Attendance System

Educators and administrators can track, analyze students’ online learning activities. They can also identify learning trends and improve the digital syllabus.

Built-in advanced analytics

The institution wanted an attendance data dashboard with particular features. We tailored the attendance software to make back-office tasks easy for the admin team. The system highlights trends for the selected student, educator, course, or subject.

Administrators can sync attendance dashboard data with timetable and students info systems and Online Attendance System.

Identifying patterns has become straightforward due to the graphical representation of statistics. Teachers can refer to the data and tweak corrective measures.

Selecting one of the tried and tested approaches

We explored successful local and national attendance approaches. The key observation was the need for schools to send the right message to the family members.

Several international researchers have proved the effectiveness of parental involvement.

Keeping parents updated on the trainee’s class absences and grades does help. Weekly alerts can improve student retention, class attendance and reduce failing grades.

To sum it up, the education outcome improves Online Attendance System due to parent-teacher communication.

A quick course for teachers

We started organizing the scattered data. Then, the team developed a strategy to ensure students’ families remained in the loop.

Guardians monitoring the child’s academic progress deserve guidance and support. Teachers can provide the same to parents with a bit of upskilling. And this is where training for teachers comes into the picture. So, the next step was offering training to teachers and administrators.

We trained these stakeholders to work as mentors for parents. By the end of the course, they were all set to connect with parents and share attendance concerns. Now, teachers could communicate with guardians with empathy.

The outreach activity

The first step was to analyze all the problems faced by trainees and parents. After that, we started the redesigning project in February 2021.

There was no need to worry about streamlining the attendance recording. We upgraded the attendance module integrated with the school management system. Thus, the key focus was developing a strategy to communicate with parents. Stakeholders selected text messages, emails, and in-app notifications for the task.

Trouble-shooting reasons behind absenteeism

The outreach activity helped the organization in understanding the ground realities.

The team analyzed and worked towards resolving hurdles faced by parents. We connected guardians with health centers, transport departments, or housing authorities. The initiative involved the following steps:

  • Identifying housing, transportation, social, emotional, or health-related barriers leading to absenteeism
  • Guiding parents in seeking aid from community services and resources
  • Highlighting kids whose progress in attendance or behavior is below acceptable levels
  • Identifying and evaluating children who faced suspension from school in the past
  • Ensuring children with disabilities have access to crucial resources
  • Introducing initiatives to promote student engagement with trainers
  • Monitoring attendance goals and drafting new improvement plans
  • Providing positive behavioral support rather than harsher punishments

Crunching numbers

Do you think redesigning educational institutions’ attendance strategy is simple? It’s one of the most challenging projects. The system requirements were complex. It had to have the ability to handle 100000 data points each year. We did succeed. Today, the client school staff can check data points for 546 students at a time.

The school staff uses data analytics to analyze 10,000 data points for absenteeism daily. So, yes, it does help in controlling attendance erosion further.

You do wish to know the final results, don’t you?

The outreach activity was as low as 5 percent in November 2020. Yet, by June 2021, we had succeeded in taking it to a whopping 80 percent.

The average attendance for the school was around 85 percent back in 2017. In June, it crossed the 96 percent mark. Of course, the shift to virtual classrooms also had a small role in improving these numbers. But the new online attendance system and outreach program proved to be critical factors.

Here’s a quick look at benefits offered by the attendance module: 

  • Tracking virtual classroom attendance based on login and log off
  • Keeping track of breaks taken by the trainees
  • Monitoring the time spent by each student on various courses, modules, and assignments
  • Drastic reduction in human resource hours required for generating and creating attendance records
  • Administrators get access to attendance data from anywhere, anytime
  • A considerable boost in productivity for teachers and trainees

To sum it up:

The hybrid learning model will introduce new challenges for schools in 2022. Upgrading your school ERP can prepare you for most of these obstacles.

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