Top 7 Places to Visit in Charlotte NC For Full-Filled Winters

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Nestled in North Carolina, Charlotte houses some of the finest places that will turn the winter season into an epic vacation spree for the visitors. Also known as Uptown, Charlotte is the largest city in NC. Offering tons of events and activities to indulge in, this city is a banking hub of NC.

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7 Places to Visit in Charlotte NC For Soulful Winter Break

Do you like traveling? Then you would agree that winter is the best time for a vacation. Charlotte is one such place that glows differently in winter. The site is so surreal that it almost seems like a fairyland. Around Christmas, the city lights up magnificently. Here is a list of top places to visit in Charlotte that you should not miss out on this winter.

1. Lake Norman

The Winter season is considered to be the best time to visit Lake Norman. The lake is already way too pretty and the winter season adds more charisma to it. Why wait then? Plan out a winter trip to this lake to witness it in its full glory, also it is the perfect romantic trip that you ought to take with your better half. There are many things to do in Charlotte NC that can be enjoyed in the proximity of Lake Norman. You can indulge in getting a cup of coffee, trying out escape rooms, and relaxing by the beautiful lake.

2. Whitewater Center

There shouldn’t be a winter vacation without skiing. Whitewater Center is the perfect place for ice skating. This is a fun activity and can be enjoyed by almost every age group. Whitewater Center has one of the finest ice skating rinks in the area. Don’t waste your time pondering over it because the tickets sell out fast. The view is a treat to the eyes. So, if you’re planning a trip to Charlotte, make sure to pen down Whitewater Center on your list.

3. Carowinds

Are you a fan of amusement parks and rides? Well, well, my friend Carowinds is the perfect option for you. Carowinds hosts a winter festival every year. This theme park is turned into a winter wonderland. With more than 5 million lights there is a lot you can do here to enjoy the utmost best. There will be shows, festivals and much more and on top of that, the view is so surreal. Drumroll!! You can click pictures with Santa.

4. Charlotte Christmas Village

Wondering what a Christmas Village is? Charlotte Christmas Village is a holiday marketplace inspired by Europeans. There will be food, live entertainment and loads of shopping! This village is a haven for all shoppers. For all the shoppers. Intriguing, right? You can buy meaningful gifts for your loved ones here such as handmade ornaments, jewelry, and much more. You can also enjoy the event “Light the Knight” at the Trust Baseball Stadium nearby. Charlotte Christmas Village is one of the best places to visit in the city to witness the best of winter.

5. Jingle City Bar

What is winter without a little booze? Jingle City Bar is a pop-up bar in Charlotte. It is an annual Christmas bar that is completely transferred for the festivities. Visitors can find tons of interactive and unique rooms at Jingle City Bar. It is a warehouse turned bar where you can be with your kids till 8: 00 PM, after that it’s strictly 21+. All the activities after eight are for adults and include DJ and drinks galore.

6. German Christmas Market

The German Christmas Market is hosted by OMB Brewery. OMB is a huge German-inspired Biergarten. Just like The Christmas village, the German Christmas Market also includes shopping, food, holiday music, and much more. So if you are at all a shopaholic, make sure to pay a visit to this winter market set around Christmas to shop while enjoying the fire pits! Yea, you heard that right there are fire pits here.

7. South End Brewery District

Every nook and corner of Charlotte stores a persona worth knowing. Just like that, South End Brewery is the ideal spot for all beer lovers. Beer is otherwise said to be the best bud of the winter season. It is almost the perfect pair. Along with food trucks and cute appearing shops, you also get to enjoy live music here. So, what are you waiting for then? Tick this area off your list!


Charlotte is a beautiful city nestled in North Carolina. With lakes, breweries, and Christmas markets, there is a lot you can enjoy here in winters, So, if you are looking for places to visit in winters, Charlotte might just be the right option for you. Drop down your comments and let me know which place intrigued you the most.

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