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programming challenges are you looking for the best way to test your python programming skills? If the answer is yes, what is your opinion regarding solving different codes. If you will not test and practice the code, how can you know about your knowledge? Without any doubt, you can gain worthy knowledge from the books. But there is a difference between cramming and practicing the code.

One of the biggest python programming challenges for the learner is coding challenges. However, it is not an enormous issue that cannot be solved. The learners can resolve this problem with the codes. Moving further, the list of challenges is quite long. But, do not stress about it because each challenge has a solution.

In this article, we will discuss seven python programming challenges for beginners. All you need to do is make the list of the below-mentioned challenges and try to do this. Due to it, you will get the opportunity to strengthen your Python skills.

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Reasons to consider challenge-based learning:

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Not all learners have the same way to learn a programming challenges language. For instance, some learners give a preference to book learning. But with the book learning, they cannot do the practice and resolve the errors.

To overcome this drawback, learners have the opportunity to consider python programming challenges. Challenge-based learning is a blend of theory and practical. By solving the different challenges, the focus of students will shift to exploring the different problems.

Not only this, but learners will also get the opportunity to learn the way of using the Python syntax via research rather than listening to lectures. When you resolve the challenges, you will sharpen your python knowledge for sure. 

Top-7 python programming challenges

To complete all these challenges, first of all, you must have complete knowledge of the python programming language.

So, let’s discuss the programming challenge:

1. Conversion of radians into degrees

Write the function in Python which allows a single numeric parameter. The parameter can be measured of angles in radians. Further, the function must do the conversion of radians into the degree. After the conversion, it returns to the value.

You have the option of Python library but it is recommendable to write that function on your own. Additionally, you can consider Pi for solving the problem.

2. Sort a list

Establish the function in Python which allows the two parameters. The first parameter is related to the numbers list. On the other side, the second one is a string. It can be any value like asc, none, and so on.

If you consider the second parameter as “asc”, the function will return that list in which numbers are mentioned in ascending order. In contrast to it, in “desc”, the number will be in descending order.

3. Variables

1 2 X = 55/11 Print (x)

The above-mentioned puzzle comes with two major goals. First of all, it is associated with various concepts. Python works on the evaluation of the expression that comes on the right side. Further, it stores in x which is variable.

Once you are done with defining the variable, you can easily get access to any point in the programming code. Secondly, it also forces the learner for reading the code accurately because of a twist: the operations related to divisions return to a floating-point number.

So the x will store the float value that is 5.0. The print function will provide the result in the form of float but not as the integer value 5.

4. Slicing

Programming challenges By solving the below-mentioned challenge, you get knowledge about the use of slicing.

1 2 Word = “galaxy” Print (1eb (word [ 1 : ] ) )

Slicing is an essential concept of python that allows you to access the range of values in sequence type. It can be a list of strings. If you want to gain good knowledge about python codebases, you need to focus on understanding the concept of slicing.

All you need to do is consider the bracket notation for accessing the element sequence. You can do this with the help of colon notation of [start: end]. This notation explicates the start index (included) as well as the end index (excluded).

5. For loop

If you have the knowledge of the while loop, it will be easier for you to learn the “for” loop.

1 words = [ ‘ cat ’ ,  ‘ mouse ’ ]
2 for a word in words :
3     print (1en (words ) )

If the toy considers the “for” loop, you need to write the code one time and further, add it in the different contexts. The statement of control flow is the strength of any programming language. “For” loop in python is one kind of control flow statement. It works on repeating the code execution for the different sequence elements, iterating across all the elements.

In the above-mentioned challenge, the variable word considers the first value cat and the second one is the value mouse.

6. Figure out the domain name with the IP address

To complete this python challenge, firstly you need to work on importing the python socket library. Write the function which allows the IP address and establishes the DNS request. Further, it returns to the domain name which is mapping to the IP address considering the PTR DNS record.

7. Convert the decimal to hex

Firstly write the function that allows the string of ASCII characters. It must return the specific character’s value like the hexadecimal string. You need to work on separating every byte by the space.

Final Verdicts

These are the seven python programming challenges that you need to resolve for enhancing your python skills. Consider each challenge for each day and find different ways to resolve the error.


How difficult is coding in Python programming?

For beginners, it is one of the easiest languages to consider but to learn advanced python, you need to work hard. With dedication, you can learn python.

What are the different challenges associated with python?

Here comes the list of challenges that are linked with Python programming.

·      Establishing the environment

·      Deciding what to write

·      Compiling the errors

·      Code debugging

Is python categorized as a noob?

Python comes under the category of backend programming languages which is ideal for beginners. There are a few similarities between the python and ruby.

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