Easy Solution to Fix QuickBooks Error 15106

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QuickBooks error 15106 is a payroll update error that appears when updating the payroll. Many users are struggling with the issue as it is a common one.

Well, getting these kinds of errors can be agitating. That’s why we have come up with the best troubleshooting steps. As a user, you must understand and go through each of the below sections.

QuickBooks Error 15106
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The guide not only helps you today but also saves your future time and hard work being consumed in finding out the best troubleshooting. Once learning these ways, you can become efficient enough to fix the error. Now, let’s start with the post and learn about this issue.

QuickBooks Error 15106

Several users end up with the error text that states, “Error 15106: Your QuickBooks isn’t able to update because the downloaded file has been corrupted.” You must also go through the same. But trust us, and don’t lose hope, as the troubleshooting below is waiting for you.

The error signifies that the update program gets damaged and corrupted. You may have a lot of queries about how this happened. If yes, move ahead and learn about all the factors that bring QuickBooks update error 15106 on the device.

Common Triggers that Bring QuickBooks Error 15106

Your system may go through any reasons to make the QuickBooks error 15106 appear on the system. So, move ahead and learn the pointers.

  • User Account Control is enabled on the system.
  • The update of the QuickBooks program gets blocked due to the pre-installed program and software.
  • Presence of Spy Sweeper on Webroot antivirus
  • The administrator credentials are not used for updating the QuickBooks application.

Go through each of the causes and root them out to solve the issue. However, if you don’t know, perform the troubleshooting after knowing all possible signs and symptoms.

Symptoms and Signs to Identify the QuickBooks Error 15106

Below is a complete list of all the pointers that help you detect the issue. You can move below to know each of them.

  • The appearance of text on the Window.
  • The system restarts on its own while updating the software.
  • Some lags are entering the device.
  • Payroll updates cannot be run properly.

Your system may also get interrupted by the same issues. You can now navigate below and learn how to fix this QuickBooks error 15106.

Top Methods to Resolve the QuickBooks Error 15106

The user must jump on the steps below to fix the issue. Here is what you need to go through to conduct the task.

Solution 1: Disable the User Account Control

You may first be required to turn off the UAC. So, let’s move below and conduct accordingly.

  • To initiate, you need first to open the Run window.
  • Now, head towards the Control Panel.
  • Choose it and then hit the OK button.
  • Consequently, place the mouse on the Change user account control settings.
  • Make sure to tap on the same.
  • Hit the Yes button if there appear any other kinds of messages and text.
  • Now, you will see a slider on the computer screen.
  • Just drag the slider to the Never Notify button.
  • Thereafter, hit the Ok button.
  • Keep in mind that Sliding above will turn on the UAC.
  • In the end, restart the system and check whether the issue gets fixed.

Solution 2: Clean Install QuickBooks

If you still face the QuickBooks error 15106, try to run the clean install QuickBooks in selective startup mode. Below are some steps you need to consider for running this tool.

Step 1: Create a Data Backup

The first and primary thing you need to do is make data on your computer. It will ensure and protect all the information saved within the data. Once done with that, move to the next steps given below.

Step 2: Login as a Selective Startup

You are supposed to log in to the system in selective startup mode. Below are the steps that will assist you in conducting the procedure.

  • Firstly, expand the Run window.
  • Now, enter MSConfig on the required field.
  • Once done, head toward the General option.
  • You need to choose Selective Startup mode now.
  • Also, click on Load the System Services.
  • After that, move the cursor toward the Services tab.
  • Don’t forget to choose to Hide all Microsoft services.
  • Put a tick mark on Hiding all Microsoft Services.
  • Also, choose to Disable all buttons. 
  • Make sure to verify the Windows Installer checkbox.
  • Navigate toward the list of services to do so.
  • Finally, hit the Restart button.

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Step 3: Uninstallation and Reinstallation

After configuring the settings, head toward the Control Panel to uninstall your QuickBooks desktop version. Then, reinstall it again on the device. So that the issues get fixed while installing QuickBooks in selective startup.

Step 4: Switch Back to Normal Startup Mode

This is the last that you need to conduct this solution.

  • Make sure to open the Run window.
  • Thereafter, you need to enter Msconfig.
  • Also, choose the OK button.
  • Head towards the General button.
  • From there, you need to select Normal Startup.
  • Hit OK.
  • In the end, hit the Restart button from the System Configuration window.

Solution 3: Log in with Admin Credentials

We hope that the previous solutions will work in your favor. However, if not, then carry out some more steps.

Step 1: Login as a Different User

  • First of all, you need to navigate toward the QuickBooks desktop icon.
  • Once done, perform a right-click there.
  • Also, don’t forget to choose the Run as administrator option.
  • Make sure to enter the admin credentials.
  • Hit OK.
 Step 2: Login in Admin
  • Hit the Start menu.
  • Thereafter, you need to choose the Switch user button.
  • Make sure to specify the relevant admin credentials.
  • Finally, you have successfully logged in as an admin.
Final Word!

So, this is all about the QuickBooks error 15106. We hope that you have resolved all your queries regarding the article. Make sure to drop in the comment if there is still something left to be resolved in the post.

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