So, hello Dosto swagat hai Aapka Ek Aur Information Aur Knowledgeable content me Aaj Is Article me Mai Aapko SIMPLE FUTURE TENSE me Affirmative Interrogative Negative ye Tino Example ke sath samjhaunga

Taki Aapko Aasani se samajh me Aa Jaye Agar Aapko Bhi SIMPLE FUTURE TENSE sikhna hai to Is Article ko last Tak jarur padhe Mai Aapko har Ek point Achhe se samjhaunga to chaliye Start Karte hai without waste Any Time

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All subject + will + first form of verb

  1. I will quit all my bad habits.
  2. We will enhance our English by practicing.
  3. you will get wet in the rain.
  4. they will drive him away from here.
  5. I will obliterate you.
  6. He will snub his suggestion.
  7. Rocky will criticize you.
  8. They will become the butt.
  9. She will repent for lying to me.
  10. He will flatter him to get the work done.
  11. She will whack you.
  12. The miscreant will ravage the shop.


      Will + all subject + first form of verb

  1. will this quarrel never end?
  2. Will they betray us?
  3. Who will resolve this problem?
  4. Where will you hoist the national flag?
  5. Whom will you help?
  6. When will you wipe the table?
  7. Who will disclose the secret?
  8. Who will extinguish the fire?
  9. Will you console you?
  10. Who will recognize you?


     I + am not + Ing to verb

     You, we, they, plural + are not + Ing to verb

     He, she, it, singular + is not + Ing to verb

  1. The bee is not buzzing around the sweet
  2. They are not weeping
  3. The iron chain is not clanging
  4. I am not pining fare my friends prime
  5. She is not taking medicine take
  6. He is not repenting
  7. I am not accusing you accuse
  8. They are not mourning the death of their boss
  9. I am not criticizing anybody
  10. My business is not progressing there days

So Dosto Maine Aapko SIMPLE FUTURE TENSE me Affirmative, Interrogative, Negative, Tino ka Example Lekar Example ke sath samjhaya

Agar ap simple past tense article Abhi tak nahi padhe to app is link pe click karke padh sakte hai

I hope Aap Logo ko ye samajh me Aa Gaya Hoga Agar Aapko hamare Articles Achhe lage To Ise Apne family friends ke sath share jarur kare Aur Aap ke man me koi sawal ho To comment kar ke jarur bataye Thanks

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