Simple past tense Hello friends, welcome to you in another new information and knowledgeable article, today we will know about the simple past tense So friends, if you also want to learn grammar, then I will definitely try to understand you every point and example well till the end of this article, so let's start.

Affirmative sentence 


All subject + second form of verb

Affirmative sentence ( simple past tense)

1. The teachers punished the naughty students.

2. He solved the difficult sum at once.

3. The king rewarded Birbal richly.

4. He handed over precious ring to the mendicant.

5. He fell into the ditch and broke his leg.

6. she ditched me.

7. The wave drowned Mohan. 

8. The travelers  stampeded at the station.

9. He swore to kill him.

10. He dragged him to police station.

11. He trampled the rose under the feet.

12. Robin smeared the food on Raju’s face.

13. She tempted me to do bad deeds.


Interrogative sentence


Did + all subject + first form of verb

Interrogative sentence 

1. Did he conceal the truth ?

2. Did you hide my mobile.

3. Did the thief break into the house ?

4. Did sima lend her some money yesterday ?

5. What did you do yesterday ?

6. Who fought with you ?

7. Who persuaded the teacher for the holiday ?

8. Did Rahim play a trick on Raju ?

9. Who did you inform this matter ?

Negative sentence


All subject + didn’t + first form of verb

Negative sentence

1. The police didn’t acquit the accused.

2. The merchant didn’t take pity on beggars.

3. Raju didn’t fight valiantly.

4. He didn’t caution me about the danger.

5. She didn’t participate in the debate.

6. He didn’t remove the shoes. 

7. She didn’t agree with him.

8. You didn’t call out to me.

9. I didn’t remove your bag.

10. He didn’t praise you.

11. They didn’t treat us well.

12. He didn’t incite people to violence.

13. We didn’t dominate humble people.

  So, friends, you must have understood the affirmative, interrogative and negative   sentences inside the simple past tense, hope you have liked our articles, if you like it, then do share it with your friends and families. Thank you.


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