Simple present tense (kaam hota hai) Learn English in 2021

Affirmative sentence (Formula present tense)

I, you, we, they, plural + first form of verb

He, she, it, singular + ‘s’ or ‘es’ to verb

2. Interrogative sentence (Formula present tense)

Do + I, you, we, they, plural + first form of verb

Does + he, she, it, singular + first form of verb

3. Negative sentence (Formula present tense)

I, you, we, they, plural + don’t + first form of verb


Affirmative sentence

  1. I always pay my gratitude to god.
  2. You watch me stealthily.
  3. They embarrass poor people.
  4. We do hard work.
  5. Ram and Rahim speak English.
  6. He often bores me.
  7. She speaks calmly.
  8. Rashid fools us.
  9. Sima backbites everybody.
  10. It takes half an hour.
  11. It rains in august.

Negative sentence

  1. I don’t abuse anybody.
  2. You don’t explain to me anything.
  3. They don’t do justice.
  4. We don’t mock our teacher.
  5. Ram and rahim don’t exploit their friends.
  6. He doesn’t defame anyone.
  7. She doesn’t perform prayers.
  8. Rahim doesn’t admit his mistakes.
  9. Sima doesn’t criticize anybody.
  10. It doesn’t last longer.

Interrogative sentence

  1. Do you aggress him?
  2. Do they exhort each other for good deeds?
  3. Do we puzzle you?
  4. Do ram and Rahim flatter their boss?
  5. Does he exaggerate the matter?
  6. Does she boast herself?
  7. Does it take too much time?
  8. Does it get spoiled soon?
  9. Does ram scuffle with his friends?


  1. Mohan provokes me to fight.
  2. Rahim works hard to earn money.
  3. he studies hard to accomplish his goal.
  4. They go to the market to impress girls.
  5. I do good deeds to please god.
  6. He works hard to prosper in his life.
  7. She comes to see me every week.
  8. We go to school to attain knowledge.
  9. We play to win.
  10. You come here to quarrel with us.
  11. She pleads her boss to increase her salary.
  12. We request them to decrease the volume.

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