Which are the three pillars of digital transformation?

Digital transformations turn out to be a complex topic, with numerous practices of intricate practices to achieve success. Altering an organization from one side to the other is by no way a mean task as this turns out to be a time-consuming and expensive task that an organization may undertake. For this reason, the business leaders need to be aware of the protocols of digital transformation and hence they have to be familiar with the major pillars of digital transformation.


If there is no intentional organization change management, an organization will fail as it enables an employee to cross one bridge to another. As part of any digital transformation initiative organizational change management is important. If you do not have the right tools along with processes in place, an organization may struggle to cope with the expectations of the stakeholders both at an internal and an external level.

The process starts off while undertaking an organization assessment, to understand the appetite of an organization for these changes. Through this, you conduct third-party surveys to understand the cultural nuances of a company. The questions need to be formulated to understand the trust and the respective levels of an organization towards the management. There is a need to understand the current bottlenecks, an overview of the various communication styles, and desired satisfaction levels with various aspects of the job.

Based on the inputs generated from the assessment, the dedicated change management team will draft a communication timeline. This includes what to say and to whom. The moment communications are crafted, the message of personal benefit is kept at the forefront with all other information aspects as supplementary. The training will be around the new processes and how to operate the new technology.

Processes of digital transformation

Another aspect of a successful digital transformation is business process mining. By this technique, an organization is able to map their current business processes, figure out gaps along with opportunities and then alter the processes to make them effective and efficient. The business process can be undertaken manually or via the aid of any software which automates the process.

The moment current processes have been mapped out it is necessary to redesign them. At this juncture, business process management comes into play. This is a methodology that redesigns the business process to be effective and efficient. One of the goals of business process management is to enhance organizational efficiency by streamlining future tasks. When you are selecting a new software it is vital to understand the process and eradicate bottlenecks.

Technology of digital transformation

It has to be stated that technology is a key enabler of digital transformations. The use of the right software enables an organization to automate the manual process, improve communication and collaboration among the various employees, and decisions are made quickly. Some people are hung up in the software selection process, but the fact is if due diligence is undertaken before reaching the technological pillar of digital transformation, it becomes easy to come up with a shortlist of technologies that are going to fulfill the need.

When you are about to select the new software it is vital to consider the prioritized processes that will drive your organization in achieving its business strategy. The new technologies should be able to integrate with the existing systems be it cloud computing or a legacy system as it needs to have the capacity to scale once an organization grows in magnitude.

To sum up, things technology needs to be an enabler of the people along with the processes. It should not be the other way around. The moment an organization follows these three pillars it set up a pathway of success and is well towards achieving its digital journey. If you are planning to explore digital solutions for the benefit of a business there are numerous companies to help you out. But it is always better to opt for professional companies since they have the expertise in doing so. Most of them have a proven track record of helping small and medium-sized businesses to achieve new heights and ensuring that the efforts go smoothly.

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