7 Website Designing Techniques For Best Creating Eye-Catching Websites

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Is your website in the designing phase? Do you have a strategic web design yet? website design Yes or no, doesn’t matter. As the major technique for creating an impeccable, creative, and attractive website design can turn your head for a change.

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What is it that drives more viewership towards a website?

website design
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A responsive website design.

Is that it? No. It takes a complete set of ingredients to cook the best web design recipe. With the cluster of basics and new flings for 2022 website success, we have established 7 web design techniques that will create an impact for your viewers.

  1. Simplicity
  2. CTAs
  3. Visuals
  4. Navigation
  5. Content
  6. Social Links
  7. Quality

The ‘Simple’ Affair

A clean, engaging website is all you need.

Keeping things simple is still the key to design success for a website. One needs to carry the rule of ‘simplicity’ and keep it low when it comes to complicated layouts, animations, and too much information on the homepage.

How to make your website design simple?

  • Don’t go for numerous sections
  • Keep the design scrollable and short
  • Try to incorporate just the right colors that are visually appealing
  • Keep the animation area low but classy

This will set you up for a great start. The homepage of your website design will be creative, impactful, and SIMPLE.

The Right CTA At The Right Place

The more reaction towards CTAs, the more customers you welcome.

The CTAs on your website design should be placed strategically. For instance, if it is a portion featuring your key product, one should add the CTA of “buy now”. If, one portion of your website design is showcasing some information or awareness don’t just the complete information in one area and add the CTA of “find out more” that links to a landing page.

These CTA strategies will land your customers on just the right pages for their ease and make your web design impeccable.

  • Keep the call-to-action short (max 3 words)
  • Make sure your CTA is prominent in the design
  • Use the button and font color that is visible and correlates
  • Place the CTA buttons strategically and not over-do it

The call-to-actions for the Right Action.

The Visual Pyramid

Keeping the visual hierarchy in your website design or re-design should be a priority.

Hierarchy And Process Makes An Organization. This saying is also applied to website designs. As one of the many web design company in Florida, Seattle, Austin, etc. has always shared just the right kind of visuals that appeals to a viewer. How? They follow the visual pyramid.

Work On Color & Contrast

  • Bright colors grab the eyes
  • Striking color contrast also works
  • Numerous/unlimited color involvement destroys the originality of the design

Typography Works

  • The large text has the fastest readability
  • Smartly play which text would you want to be read first

Size Matters

  • The ‘BIG’ always wins
  • The large components are always seen first
  • The scale and size of every component should be strategically placed as per the drive of the website vision

Thirds & Odds

  • Better frames to your images
  • The center-most element is more visible
  • High-resolution image wins

If the visuals of your website design are creative, HD in quality, and contain a meaning, means you have won the visual game already.

The Flow Of The Navigation Bar

A navigation bar defines the usability of the website. Optimizing the header, footer, and menu of your website is a duty that should compliment your design theme.

  • Your navigation titles should be clear and concise
  • The menu of your website should be descriptive
  • The menu should be placed at the top or sidebar on the homepage
  • Utilize the footer with pages links and information
  • Add a logo to your footer design

Keep your navigation bar easy to understand. If it is complex, viewers will increase the bounce rate of your website by simply canceling the page. The three essentials to a navigation bar are:

  • Simple
  • Logical
  • Easy

Content Utilization

An exciting website design nowadays utilizes engaging content that instantly grabs the attention. If the content on your website is written and presented in a way that readers or viewers connect with is a win-win.

The strategy is to break down the content on your website layout into deliberate sections. The keys to winning the content aspect of your web design are as follows:

  • Compelling heading with sub-headlines
  • Division of content in sophisticated boxes or segments
  • Use the content on image, video, or infographic, whatever suits them best
  • Content leading to CTAs

Content that is placed, utilized, and written strategically can engage 2x visitors as usual. Make sure your content blends with the website design and the real initiative of your website.

Prove Your Social Presence

Adding your social links to your website design creates authenticity, reliability, and engagement. Get the most out of your social media links. A direct link of your social channels from your website design engages the target audience towards both the platforms, your website, and your social media page.

  • Add your social media buttons to either footer or header (the social icons)
  • Make the social icons clickable.

Quality Matters!

Everything comes down to this point. QUALITY is the most important aspect that shouldn’t be compromised at any level. Any point or strategy would be useless if the quality is not considered in the first place.

  • Your website design should be of the quality that your website promises your customers
  • The images, videos, or any other visual on your website should be high-resolution
  • The content, font, size, scale, color palette, contrast, navigation bar, etc. should be of appropriate quality.

An Attractive Web Design Is Ready!

Now you are fully aware of the 7 – seven most interesting yet easy areas of a web design that can make or break your impeccable website.

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