5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2022

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Having huge website traffic that can turn into customers is the dream of every website owner. If you are reading this, then you might be struggling with getting website traffic. Don’t worry, I got your back. Getting traffic to your website might seem challenging but it is not if you follow the right steps and strategies.

You might be ready for implementation but you don’t know what to do. So, here I am to tell you the ways by which you can increase your website traffic. I cannot guarantee you but I can assure you that your website traffic can increase 10 times or even more if you follow these 5 ways to increase website traffic keeping in mind this bonus tip.

5 ways to increase website traffic are:

Website Traffic
  • Save
  • Upgrade old content
  • Optimize content using LSI keywords
  • Transform already published content
  • Appeal to influencers through your content
  • Use a giveaway contest strategy

Bonus Tips

Bonus: Use Long-Form Content

Let’s start gathering in-depth knowledge for implementation. 

1.   Upgrade old content

One of the simplest strategies is overhauling and upgrading old blog posts. This can increase your website traffic by 10 times.

You just need to follow simple these steps:

  • Find an outdated website from your website.
  • Then, update and improve that post. You can add better visuals, and up-to-date strategies, and remove outdated and irrelevant content.
  • Finally, the changes will be live once you update the new post.

Updating old posts using relevant SEO techniques can skyrocket your website traffic.

This activity will hardly take 1-2 hours and can be so effective in increasing the organic traffic to your website.

2.   Optimize content using LSI keywords

One of the best ways by which you can drive traffic to your website is Search Engine Optimization. But some old strategies don’t work in the constantly evolving environment as the search engine algorithm keeps changing every day.  Now, search engines not only focus on keywords but also try to make sense of the content topic.

To make search engines understand your content, you should use LSI keywords i.e., words or phrases related to the target keyword. The content makes sense to search engines if the search engine sees LSI keywords in the content.

You can find LSI keywords using tools like LSI graph or else you can outsource the optimizing word to an SEO company in India or foreign. This outsourcing can reduce your workload and can also improve your website traffic.

3.   Transform already published content

If you have already published content or a blog, you can transform that into another form such as an ebook, infographics, video, podcast, or social media post. This content transformation can bring huge traffic to your site as content format matters a lot. Since different visitors prefer different content forms, transformation can prove to be a real game-changer for your website traffic.

4.   Appeal to influencers through your content

Influencers have a huge following and appealing to them can be a way to increase website traffic. So, if you want them to share your content, you need to publish appealing content for them. When you target an influencer group, they will share your content with their followers. This sharing of content can bring huge traffic to your website.

5.   Use a giveaway contest strategy

The word ‘FREE’ always triggers people and they love this word. So you can use this giveaway contest strategy where you will offer some gifts to the audience. To participate in the contest, people will visit the website using the provided website link and register using their email id. You can also tell them to share the contest details with their friends and family members. This way you can drive more traffic to your site and can even grow your email list for the future.

Bonus Tips

Bonus: Use Long-Form Content

According to an analysis made by BuzzSumo, long-form content works best on the internet as it gets more shares and backlinks than other posts. People love when they get things without working hard. When you create long-form content such as guides, reports, or ebooks, you provide everything in one place, so people don’t need to hunt different places for different information. Therefore long-form content gets maximum backlinks. So, to increase your website traffic, you should focus on creating long-form content.


Myriads of ways are there to increase website traffic, so it’s up to you which one you choose. People can only offer advice, it’s you who need to implement it. If you want to increase your website traffic you need to diligently follow strategies that you will decide to implement. Some of the ways that you can use are discussed above.

You can upgrade any old content by including more up-to-date information or visuals. Optimizing content using LSI keywords can also be a better way to boost website traffic. You can also transform already published content from one form to another, let’s say from video to blog post or vice versa.

You can also focus on creating content that will appeal to influencers. Hosting a giveaway contest is also not a bad idea. A bonus tip for you is that long-form content is liked by people so you can try that one as well.

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