Wedding Cake: 8 Best Points That You Should Keep In Mind While Buying A Wedding Cake

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You may not know much about wedding cakes other than that they’re tasty, but the more information you have, the better judgments you’ll make. Selecting a good wedding cake has always been a daunting task.

You can take online cake delivery in Singapore, USA, UK or in other nation where you want and surprise the couple getting married this year. Our top advice will assist you in selecting the right dessert.

You Must Visit For A Sampling.

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Clients are welcomed into the bakery for tastings to try outstanding cakes, ask questions, and study portfolios. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet bakers, form bonds with them, and gain a thorough understanding of their capabilities. It’s important to get to know your baker’s personality and make sure they’re truly thrilled about your wedding day as well.

First And Foremost, You Must Confirm Your Guest List (As Well As The Size Of The Venue).

When choosing the amount of cake to order, consider the number of people that will be attending. Three tiers will usually serve 50 to 100 people; for 200 people or more, you’ll probably need five layers. If the reception is in a large area with high ceilings, consider adding columns between the tiers to elevate the cake’s stature. There are thousands of ways to save.

Order a tiny cake that is beautifully adorned but only serves a few people, as well as multiple sheet cakes of the same taste to feed the visitors. Tiers, handcrafted sugar flowers, and particularly shaped forms should all be avoided. For a more sophisticated (but less costly) look, garnish with seasonal flowers and fruit.

Consider a cake sized for half your guests if you’ll have a dessert table (or anything sweet) in addition to the cake. Not only will the servings be smaller, but the charge will as well.

Always Keep The Weather In Mind

Avoid whipped cream, meringue, and buttercream if you’re planning an outdoor wedding in a hot climate: they’ll melt. Inquire about summer icing possibilities with your baker; you could choose to go with a fondant-covered cake, which doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

One Of The Last Things You Should Do Is Choose Your Cake Style.

Cake Style
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Although you may adore a rustic semi-naked cake, it may not be appropriate for a black-tie ballroom wedding. After you’ve decided on your dress style and wedding decor, go on to the cake. The design and construction of your wedding cake might be based on these components.

Select a cake that complements the venue’s decor, the season, your gown, the floral arrangements, and the meal. Give your baker fabric samples if you want colorful touches (such as sugar flowers or icing ribbons). The cake should be an integral element of the event, not an afterthought.

Wedding Cakes Are Frequently Sold By The Slice

The price fluctuates. The more difficult the cake is to make (due to complex designs or difficult-to-find contents), the more expensive it is. Fondant frosting is more expensive than buttercream, and you’ll have to pay for the cake designer’s time if you want complicated molded forms, brilliant colors, or handcrafted sugar-flower details. You may also send cakes online to the USA, UK, or anywhere to your friend who is getting married this year!

Select The Appropriate Icing

Is it better to use buttercream or fondant? That is an important issue. Buttercream is frequently far more delectable. If you prefer the silky, almost surreal-like quality of fondant as much as we do, ice the cake in buttercream first and then cover it with fondant. You may also use ganache, a decadently rich frosting created from chocolate and cream that has a fudgy texture.

Even though it’s a dark brown hue, you may ask the baker to dress it up with bright fruit to make it wedding-worthy. (A white chocolate variant, on the other hand, maybe colored almost any color.)

Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

Keep in mind that food stylists, editors, and assistants labor 24/7 to keep the cakes looking flawless for magazines (like ours). These experts work for hours to repair sweating, leaking, leaning, and sagging that can occur after a cake has been sitting for a long time. If what they do doesn’t work, they may use Photoshop to repair it.

They also have the luxury of making cakes out of non-edible materials—most cakes in magazines are frosted Styrofoam pieces, which don’t taste particularly nice. As a result, don’t expect your cake designer to be able to perfectly recreate what you see on paper.

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