A Comprehensive Guide: What is Screencasting and Why Use it? 2022

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What is Screencasting Technology is evolving every minute and so is the interest of users? We use different techniques of learning and communicating with other users and screencasting is one of them.

In this era of digital learning, online education, work from home scenarios, we spend most of our time working online and going through a lot of digital content. It is essential to go with the flow to ensure swift learning. Here is a comprehensive guide on what is a screencasting, what does screencast does, why to use it?

What is Screen casting?

Screencasting is a way to capture your computer activities, clicks, video, voiceover, or narration on a video to create tutorials or recorded presentations. You can add multiple objects, text, mouse clicks, pictures, audio webcam feed, or more to your recordings. It is also known as screen capture or screen recording in broader terms. It is one of the excellent ways to demonstrate a product or elaborate guidelines to use something.

Who Uses Screen casting?

Screencasting is used by various professionals to create instructional, educational videos and presentations. You can record a screencast to demonstrate a process, gameplay, or tutorial. Different users record screens for different purposes.


Screencasting is done by students to prepare their projects, assignments and demonstrate their learnings.


Teachers and faculty also record their presentation, classroom discussion, solutions, and their research for students on a particular topic.


Gamers also record their gameplay to bluff their scores or set new records. Recording gameplay can also be used as tutorials to crack a particular level of gameplay.

Working Professionals

Working professionals also screencast their presentations, graphs, research, or instructional tutorials for their colleagues. It makes the job easy for other working professionals.


YouTubers also use Screencasting to record edit or release new videos on a regular basis. Most of the content is edited or reused for multiple videos with small tweaks.

Windows Inbuilt Screen Recorder

Unfortunately, Microsoft Windows operating system doesn’t offer a dedicated utility to screen record something, edit or share live stream. With the release of Windows 8, users were gifted with a utility to record or capture screen activity.

Xbox Gaming Bar

Before we initiate a screen capture, we need to ensure that the screen recording option is enabled on your device. Follow these steps to ensure that the option is enabled.

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Step 1. Press the (Win + I) to access the Settings window.

Step 2. Click on the Gaming option to enter the Xbox game settings.

Step 3. You will be on the Xbox Game Bar section in the left-hand side panel.

Step 4. Click to toggle ON the Xbox Game Bar and check out all the shortcut keys.

Step 5. Access the screen that you wish to record.

Step 6. Press (Win + G) to access the Xbox Game Bar. Look for the Capture section on the top left.

Step 7. You can explore four capture modes in the capture section. You can take a screenshot, record the last 30 seconds, initiate recording, or add voice recording using the inbuilt mic.

Step 8. Once you are all set, you can click on the Start Recording button or press the (Win + Alt + R) shortcut key to start screencasting.

Step 9. You’ll find a small progress bar with options to Pause or Stop the recording. You can click on the Stop button to end the recording and save the recorded video on your computer.

Use the Best Screen Recording App

The inbuilt utility will only allow you to record short videos however will not give you the option to edit your recordings. The best offline Screen Recording Software gives you different options to create, or edit intuitive videos. The best screen recording software has multiple features that can screen capture videos, edit videos, take screenshots, capture webcam, add voice notes, capture 4k videos, add personalized watermarks, and save HD videos in multiple file formats.

Tweaks hot Screen Recorder
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You can play these recorded videos on your computer or on different devices as they are universally compatible. We have compared, reviewed, and tested the best screen recording apps however not all of them offer advanced features to create, add, edit, save or share videos on live streams.

Tweaks hot Screen Recorder

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Display: 1280×768 size or better

Operating System: Windows 11 and earlier

Hard Disk Space: Min 2GB free space, SSD for best performance

Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher

Memory: 4GB RAM or more

Price: USD $39.95 / Year

Tweaks hot Screen Recorder
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Tweaks hot Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recording software for Windows 11 and earlier versions. It is a lightweight software to record intuitive videos with HD Quality and a 4K display. You can screencast, record videos, capture active screens, full-screen video, webinars, webcam feed, live streaming, and voice record using internal/external speakers or Microphones.

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Tweaks hot Screen Recorder can record high-definition videos in different aspect ratios that are readable by multiple devices. You can capture the active window, select a region, capture a full-screen window, take screenshots, add a personalized watermark or remove the watermark from other videos. You can also try the free version and record short videos with watermark however the premium version unlocks different intuitive features.

Summing Up

Gamers have made screen casting popular by recording their gameplay along with their voiceover. Now that you know what is screencasting and how to record your screen with different options, you can screen record your screen activity with mouse clicks, voice, or webcam feed.

You can also live stream videos on different social networking sites or share them with your friends. The best screen recording software can record, add, edit, or personalize your screen recording with watermarks and share it in live feeds on different networking platforms. Now record and share your creativity with the world just with a few clicks!

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